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Color for all seasons!
Be sure to choose the right interior and exterior colors for your home or workplace. Selecting EcoHues Full Spectrum Paint is the way to do exactly that, in any season.

Enjoy this video of exterior and interior colors for the home shown at left.
Livable Color from the Outside In:

End your confusion about color! What’s the cost?
It’s surprisingly affordable to enjoy the long-lasting benefit of professional help.

Take these three easy steps to your perfect color solutions for creating more balance in your personal environments, and in your life

1.  Enjoy the process and the results!
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2.  Ask these questions
What does a color consultant do? Find out more at our FAQ page.

3. Get the details
Information about the consultation process and fees

Thinking of working with a design professional?
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In a letter to me, one client describes her experience in this way:

“Your keen eye combined with your artistic flair sets you apart from other designers. Selecting the correct wall colors can be frustrating and overwhelming. However, you directed us to the perfect choice to make our rooms come alive and interesting.” Read more client comments here

What’s Integral about Color?
Some people call it “mood,” but color is much more than mood and trends.  It’s about your quality of life, which is also affected by the experience of picking colors for your home or workplace. I call it  “the substance of life in color.”

See the image galleries for a few interior and exterior examples of using paint colors

NEW! Designer Color Palettes™
Now, you can see it before you paint.
Have you ever wondered what your house or other building will look like, even before it’s painted? Some call it “virtual” but our architectural color specialist services are very real! With this new, professional imaging service, we can help you see it!

Color makes your home come to life!  Any size or architectural style
Whether your home is a small bungalow or ranch, or an ornate mansion, regardless of size or style, I’ll help you create the best possible look-and-feel for your home, from the outside in.  Historic homes are a specialty, whether  with true “restoration colors” or a personal twist on a historic look. What I like best? Helping you make your home the most comfortable and beautiful place possible.

Choosing paint colors is about much more than surface decoration.
What’s important?

  • Beyond just selecting paint, color addresses our basic human needs.
  • Your home is your unique environment.

Show your true colors!
I like to work with the colors and products from many of the most high quality national brands of paint. But sometimes, something special is just what’s needed,  with these qualities…and more. Here’s another option to explore.

Feel right at home with the right colors – You’ll be in good company!

Read client comments
Client comments mean a lot.  Read a few testimonials here.

You’re here because you know that color makes the difference, but you still have questions.

  • How will using the right colors make the difference for you?
  • On a budget? Undecided about your colors?
  • Be prepared. Don’t wait until the painter is at your door!

Common color dilemmas…What are yours?

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What does IACC mean?How can you benefit?
Check out this colorful information now!
Being an accredited IACC color professional means much more than just being a “member.”  Read how others have enjoyed this service, and find out about the benefits to you,  working with me as an accredited IACC color professional  with specific, multidisciplinary education in color and over 20 years’ experience.

Read my tips about color, design, and home decorating on .

See the video at right:"The only comment anyone has made about the color choices that Barbara lead me to is: 'How beautiful!'  Seems easy to do, but I was never able to do so on my own—for more than 55 years. The results and benefits are genuine and long lived."

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I will provide an impartial perspective on your project, helping you create supportive spaces...

Color affects your bottom line. Let color work for you in your workplace, your marketing materials, and your products.

Embrace Color with Confidence! Enjoy the process of making interior and exterior color decisions...