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A New Spin – on a Former Life as a Silk Painting Artist

Repeating is not all bad. Or perhaps I should say…ReViving is Great! I wanted to make this post a bit more personal than some of my others, and here’s the story: Back in the early-80’s there was a style direction called “wearable art.” Well, maybe it was not a really Big fashion phenomenon, but there were a lot of bold designs out there, dramatic patterns, detail, and more. And there was an inkling of the ‘handicraft’ style of how things were made. That was a good thing. And of course, as you know, it’s pretty big right now! At that… Read more »

Want to Feel More Creative? Use these 9 Tips to add a creativity menu to your day.

I’m thinking about it like this: Loving waking up feeling creative. Ok, realistically, it does not happen every single day. But I’m realizing there is a way to experience it More and More. So this is what I came up with: A “creativity menu.” Does it sound crazy? Maybe so, but I have to say it’s Delicious! You don’t have to be in a field like art, design, color consulting, writing, architecture—or anything else typically with the ‘creative’ designation—but  just about any profession or business has a creative aspect to it. So to stretch the typical assumption of the word a… Read more »

More Palettes – the Many Moods of Summer

Here it is, only the end of July and yet it almost feels like “Summer” is over. Why is that? Time passes so quickly? Maybe it’s because we’re already seeing Fall fashions. But wait, there’s more!’ (ok where have we heard that before?) It is still happening and in a typically glorious way, too.  So, not really after the fact—but rather in reflecting on recent memory both mental and visual—I wanted to present a few color palette ideas based on natural surroundings and a few other things, too. After all, the “Many Moods of Summer” includes a lot! It’s not all… Read more »

How to choose the right colors! OR: is there a simple way to choose the right colors?

That’s the question, and it applies to both interiors and exteriors of homes and other buildings. What’s the answer? I remember reading and enjoying an article in the New York Times from a while ago by one of my favorite contemporary fiction authors, Lee Child, a master in creating compelling characters and situations with a very particular flavor in the “action” genre. If you’re looking for entertaining, fast-paced reading his work is a lot of fun to read. His article, “A Simple Way to Create Suspense” is essentially about his own process in creating suspense in his writing. How can that idea… Read more »

‘Tis the Season—for Nature-Based Spring Color Palettes!

We can usually agree that “nature” is the best inspiration for inspired color palettes. But that’s a broad topic! So for purposes of this post about color inspirations, I’ll stick to what is right underfoot, literally. It seems that every time I go out for a walk—whether to the beach, a local path, just ‘around town,’ or via a sweeping vista of fields—I love to look around with color palettes in mind. This usually involves being inspired to take some pictures and reflect on relative colors and how they might be used. Or, simply, just open my eyes to the… Read more »

What’s it like to do something really different?

Over the past year a lot has happened. Moving from Massachusetts, where I lived for a very long time, to California–where I’d lived in the past and “Swore” I’d never live there again! (moral: never say “Never!”)  But here I am, and it is like being on a different planet. And actually a good one! I just got back from sitting in with my fiddle (aka violin), with some local bluegrass players in a weekly “jam”—which is informal, and fortunately for me they are very welcoming and patient. But what is also really different? Being willing to take the time… Read more »

Color Geography – the anatomy of a long-distance consult project

How does geographic location affect color choices? Even for long-distance color design projects, considering the lighting and the actual location is a “must.” Imagination is part of it, but also local-area images are important, along with the essential client-provided information. This is also where a digital image process can be so helpful. It’s a way to virtually see the building as-if it’s already painted with the new colors, using images the client provides. And it’s those images that offer a way to see what the house or other building looks like in it’s own environment. One example, a family’s house in… Read more »

Tips for Testing – it’s your most important tool before painting

Have you ever thought about the tools you need for painting? Think of testing your paint selections as the most important ‘tool’ in your bag. Tips for Testing Q: Are you about to make decisions about paint color? Q: Painters and designers: Are you about to recommend paint colors for a client? Q: How can you make high quality color test samples to help your clients make color decisions? You’re a painting professional who has just been asked for the Thousandth time…”how will it look?” Of course you may have even seen the specified color in many other settings over… Read more »

Tips and Views on the meaning of cost–and the cost of color.

From remodeling your home to mowing your lawn…What is often at the top of a list of hesitations? “Price” or “Cost” often includes much more than an exchange of money. Let’s say, for the sake of this discussion, that it can be the cost of professional services. What does this have to do with remodeling, color, and design? As with most discussions there are various ways to look at the subject. Ultimately, the question would be “processed-focused” or “outcome-focused. Looking at “Cost vs. Pleasure” Cost Cost is outlay of cash Cost is the level of perceived value Cost is “Doing… Read more »

“Creative” and “Personal” – a Few Short Tips about Paint Finishes

Think “Creative and Personal” with these short tips about paint finishes. Without a lot of discussion, I wanted to present a few concise tips to consider when you’re selecting interior paint colors for your home. Typically, we have three choices for paint finishes (some companies have one or two in between them): Flat, Eggshell, SemiGloss, and High Gloss. Deep Color Effects Traditional Family Room by Cambridge Architects & Building Designers LDa Architecture & Interiors Here’s a good place to use a flat finish for velvet elegance but just be wary of burnishing. Best used in a space that does not… Read more »