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Linen-weave texture: made a mistake but now corrected

Silly mistakes will happen. Most recently here: posting something by mistake, then deleting it to try to correct the error, then deciding to re-post. This recent post was brought to my attention today by a friendly reader who wrote me an email that the page was no longer available. What’s good about that? Now I can make it better. What happened? I’d posted an image of a decorative finish, a project in which I’d painted a linen-weave strie design in two colors, two layers. The problem was that I’d not included any info on the picture! This can be a… Read more »

Before you shop for a rug, consider this very important issue.

An area rug can be many things in your decor, and making the decision about which rug to choose from the literally thousands available (and as you know, that’s an understatement) can, in that way, be an experience that resembles selecting paint. In choosing an area rug, your main considerations might be your use for the rug, and your budget. Other issues besides cost, color, and design, will include longevity. For some details in a brief “rug primer,” this article in the recent Fabulous Floors Blog will give you some tips to take note of, even before you start to… Read more »

National Painting Week

Did you know it’s National Painting Week?  That’s the story, right from Sherwin Williams Paints. It’s a great idea, and on their site they offer a number of useful tips that you will find both accessible and easy to do. Perfect for busy people who want to make a big change. The simple tips they offer are so practical that it’s a great reminder of how easy it is to make a big change with paint. Among the tips they have put together in a short video: Changing cabinet hardware for a  new look Update light fixtures Painting an easy,… Read more »

Fashion in Colors

The spectrum of color: content, interest, application, social meanings, trends, materials (to name just a few) naturally includes textile design and fashion. Even if we’re not “fashionistas” (one of those questionable words that somehow actually means something), “Fashion” is in our lives. Might as well enjoy it!  And to do so, check out Fashion in COLORS, published for the exhibition, “Fashion in Colors,” at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum at the Smithsonian Institute, 2005-2006, curated by Akiko Fukai. According to the inside cover, the origin of the book was the original exhibition organized by the Kyoto Costume Institute, that was… Read more »

Color on the brain

We’re always looking at color, and talking about color. Somtimes, we’re even applying color. And, in between, we’re seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling and thinking about color. We don’t even have to be “color-obsessed…,” we just have to be what we are. Human. We forget from time to time that “color” does not even exist on its own, except where there is light and we are able to recognize it. Then, we assign an identity to what we call the color that we’ve seen. Often we make the understandable mistake of thinking that, while color does matter (and it matters a… Read more »

Color Creates Light: Studies with Hans Hoffman

“In nature, light creates the color; in the picture, color creates light.” –Hans Hoffman More than ‘color inspiration,’ looking to fine art is a dynamic way to experience color. Hans Hoffman exemplifies the word “colorist.” This book offers an in-depth exploration of his theories of color as well as gain as sense of the man—his life, teaching, and art work—in a biography. Also included are many illustrations of work by other artists, some of whom were his students.

Ready for exterior color?

Following the last post here about price of paint and Titanium White (a major ingredient in house paint products) I want to share this article with you. From the magazine Period Homes, it’s titled “A Primer on Paint,” and offers a detailed view of trends in paint products. It’s not about ‘color trends’ but rather about the actual development of paint products. Major paint and pigment manufacturers are featured, with comments from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr, Fine Paints of Europe, and Kremer Pigments. If you have been wondering about Waterborne – vs. – Oil based paints, differences in paint… Read more »

Behind the increasing cost of paint

Here we go again, in Paint as many industries and products. Yes, prices are going up—again. It used to be that paint was, well, “Cheap!” We always would say, hey, it’s the best way to get the most change for the least money spent.  Big change for small change, so to speak. Whether you’re “into paint” or just buying paint again after a long time away from your paint store, now you might be surprised at the current prices and the projected trend in this direction. What is the story about the paint price increases? It’s not just for a… Read more »

Floors are colors, Too!

For the most part, paint color consultants are concerned primarily with specifying color for ceilings, walls, trim, and other architectural details. Even so, (we) paint color consultants also consider the colors and textures of floors, since those surfaces are a big factor in how we all perceive any space in its entirety. In fact the colors and textures of floors will always affect the wall and ceiling colors we select. I was recently inspired by seeing some particularly beautiful floor coverings and flooring materials, and wanted to share them with you. So, here’s a quick overview of a few that… Read more »