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Seniors and Elders, Make it Colorful and Enjoyable:New Ways to Get Help Moving Up, Out, Beyond

Last year was a big year for my mom. Making the decision to move to Los Angeles from her lifelong home in Minneapolis was not easy, but once she did, she did it with her typical commitment to a project. Granted, this is not my usual kind of subject but I wanted to touch on it anyway.  After all…it’s this type of life change that make you reflect on future development and how it’s a quite a mystery that we can only “plan” for to a relatively limited extent. The reason I wanted to bring this up is that she… Read more »

Who was the first trend-setting “Colorist?”

We’re always so busy in our daily lives — both personally and professionally–that we don’t often pause to really think about what was happening in the very, very early times of human development and how it might relate to us today. I remember when, as a child, one of my favorite subjects was “cave men” and how they lived. Those early cultures held a mysterious fascination for me. OK, so I’m actually a frustrated archaeologist! When the recent New York Times article on the amazing discovery of a  “100,000-year old paint workshop” came to my attention, I not only enjoyed… Read more »

Make it easy? Texture and finish variations create interest.

Connect and coordinate a simple color palette with collaboration, colors, and textures. Sometimes it’s easier than others, and sometimes it just Looks easy! Carefully considered wall finishes and coordinated custom rugs can help. Collaboration gets it done. In this Boston high-rise condo, to create a backdrop for stronger colors we used a neutral-based color palette in custom finish of textured walls, with custom Tibetan rugs. Hand knotted rug: 100% wool. All custom Tibetan rugs shown are from Silk Road Weaves. I’ve worked in tandem with Boston-area designer Cynthia Brumm, of SpaceDesign, on a number of projects. Here, Cynthia was the… Read more »

Indigo Textiles-Technique and History, by Gosta Sandberg

Seriously, I had no idea when I wrote the recent post about Mood-Indigo that this color was going to be such a big thing!  In West Elm, Crate and Barrel, and even Home Accents Today, all have some mention of this mysteriously beautiful and infinitely variable color and dye. Dare I predict…(even without a crystal ball) that we’ll be seeing a lot more of this very old dye color in mainstream decor, and not just in denim.   So, to hearken back to my long-time fascination with traditional surface design techniques and materials, I found this on my bookshelf. Dyeing… Read more »

What do you Not want to do today? Asking for your tips!

What do you Not want to do today? For me, today it’s painting shutters instead of writing a blog post; or instead of working on one of the many new rug designs in progress; or even selecting new paint colors for my own little interior project—reviving a former bedroom occupied by one or another of our children over the years. OK, so I took a break from the shutter work. After all, client projects are much more enjoyable! More interesting than painting my peeling shutters! (photo by B.Jacobs)   The particular pair of exterior shutters I’m talking about (yes, just… Read more »

Do you know the cars of summer? But, Which Summer?

Maybe it’s every summer, but in Ohio it’s a great assortment of beautiful colors on beautiful vintage cars that represent some of the colors of summer, and of adventure. Hi there, can I interest you in a great summer car color? That’s a classic color, for sure (O.K., so I’m from Minnesota!) Check out the upholstery!  What a beautiful job. Maybe you’d prefer red? Or, is it Cool, and Cooler?  We didn’t see any Yellow cars that day, though… Classic blue and white palette Going back in time a bit… What’s a car show without an essential, basic, and beautiful… Read more »

Color of the week? Try, MOOD of the week, INDIGO!

Blues…music, paint, fiber, jewels, feelings. What’s “Mood Indigo,” anyway? An audio version of course…this classic! And another interpretation by Ella Fitzgerald, unsurpassable. Another way to experience it – Old Levi’s!  In the originals, the dye was Indigo. Indigo culture is worldwide, a fiber dye and therefore, as with many dye materials, a currency. Whether it’s a paste resist in Africa; Batik  or block-printing in Indonesia; Rice Paste resist or Arashi Shibori in Japan, and any one of the myriad textile design techniques that are part of indigenous cultures worldwide, using Indigo dye is a highly developed craft and art. Actually,… Read more »

Color,Light,Texture, and Action! with the Quintessential Master of Glass

A recent visit to the MFA in Boston became an extraordinary experience for me—as the work of Dale Chihuly has been for thousands of others, worldwide. I’ve never seen so many people at an exhibit who were trying to capture their own personal experience with cameras of all types, from cell phones to professional style equipment.  Even though I tried to resist the shutterbug impulse, it did not take long for me to join the crowd. I wanted to share a few my own impressions, and provide you with a link to a fascinating video of this master’s creative process… Read more »

Patterns and Colors in Diverse Places and Spaces

There’s nothing like being in a different location for a while to stimulate a fresh view of colors and patterns. From the wonderful LACMA museum in Los Angeles to the tiny Japanese variety store, with a home decorating furniture store in the middle of it all, I’m inspired to share a few images for your enjoyment. I always enjoy connecting patterns and textures. One example:     Then, for something really different, a quick visit to ZGallerie to see what’s up in L.A. decor! (or some of it, anyway)     Check out the colors above with the colors of… Read more »

Imagining, knowing, envisioning, creating, and Enjoying

Everyone does it! That is, everyone looks at color, and feels the effects of color—one way or another. Even those with impaired vision experience and feel color internally. So, when it comes to actually deciding what colors to use for our homes or even for our businesses, some confusion usually ensues. Typically, the ways color is decided when we need help is one of these: Paint store defined palettes: Makes it easy, requires little imagination (ie: it’s already done for you). At the very least, this can be a good place to start, to explore testing some colors in your… Read more »