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Color of the week #3: The New Black – Mysterio! and, a few short tips.

It might seem strange to talk about this kind of color when we’re about to have a burst of sunshine and flowers, but at some point you might need some Big, Deep, Drama. I was “all set” with having developed the richly colored palette for EcoHues. But then I started thinking “…just one more color, something Really Really Dark…,” that would be great in the right place for an accent trim or even a reflective, deep colored wall. After all, sometimes contrast is just what a space needs to emphasize shape and architectural details. TIPS About paint finishes The thing… Read more »

Featured Artist Profile: Bill Gauthier offers–a Lot!

Sharing the work of fine artists and artisans (is there really a difference?) is exciting to me. There’s a certain kind of energy created, that I feel when I can share information about creative people whose work does not always fit into a readily defined category. So, from time to time I’ll feature individuals here, whose work I find particularly compelling. Bill Gauthier is an artist who specializes in the fine art of using pure gold and silver leaf in his own unique style, adding the final touch of depth and luminosity to public spaces, private collections, his own art… Read more »

Do you love Architecture and Color? Meet Carlo Scarpa

If so, check out this book about Carlo Scarpa. I was first introduced to the work of Carlo Scarpa by the renowned Boston-area architect Paul Lukez. In a conversation with Paul about color in architecture, he immediately went to his bookshelf and brought forth his copy of this book. A Taschen publication, even the paperback is high quality. The interesting essay by Sergio Los, illustrated by the beautiful photographs of Klays Frahm, will bring you back time and time again to enjoy the spaces. For me: “wish I could see this in person!” Do you have a favorite book (more… Read more »

“Yellow,” she said! And, 3 tips for exterior color selections.

It’s not often that a client is adamant about a house color. At least not to the extent of being so fixed on one color family that all others are not available for consideration. With that caveat, I began to look at various yellow paint colors for the exterior of a Victorian home in a Boston-area suburb.  Not only was the only option to be “Yellow,” but the painting was going to be done by an area company specializing in a ‘never-paint-again!’ method, and so it had to be the right yellow to last…and last…and never be changed. Originally built… Read more »

Cross-generational relationships: Connecting the Color-Dots from Antique to Contemporary

How to relate? In this case, it’s about Antiques, Color, Contemporary Life…connecting the colorful dots! Do you love antiques? Even if you are partial to Contemporary design, you have to check out this web site that is an excellent resource for all types of antiques, from lighting to furniture to architectural elements. They have a unique—and fun—feature on the site: you can select a color from a rainbow band of color options and you’ll be able to see how any of those colors will look when used with the antique piece you’re looking at on their site. How did… Read more »

Who were you when you were a kid?

“Tiny House Living” makes me remember. Not that I lived in such a tiny house…well, actually it was sort of tiny, just not quite as tiny as the mini-dwellings created by Vermonter  Derek Diedricksen. I recently saw the PBS program where he appeared as a guest of Emily Rooney on Boston’s Channel 2. Here’s just one example of a tiny getaway in Vermont. Find out more about Derek’s approach to gleaning supplies and turning them into small buildings. How Green can it be? Derek is the consummate Found Object Artisan. A perfect example of “one man’s trash is another man’s… Read more »

GoodWeave in the public eye on

GoodWeave is a unique organization. In fact, there are many individual qualities about that are unique. The focus of GoodWeave is to end illegal child labor in the rug industry. In addition, their mission includes rescuing children from enslavement, and providing education and a better quality of life. A portion of each sale of every GoodWeave certified rug goes toward this goal. Just a few the unique ways GoodWeave helps both sides of the equation Provides a resource destination for people who want to help others Provides a way for artists and designers to connect Provides a way for… Read more »

Color of the Week #2 – Loving Versatile Red

The focus in on Red! Energizing, passionate; communicating intensity and warmth; advancing, into the space… and on the other hand sometimes overly heavy, drab, imposing, oppressive…just a few of the characteristics of this color that can make reds hard to use. Red, as a paint color This week I’m featuring the rich, warm, essence of a very livable Full Spectrum red paint color: EcoHues—Venezia Rose. Most red paint colors include black in their formulas. The true beauty of any color red comes through in Full Spectrum formulas. The rich, atmospheric quality of true full spectrum paints also makes them easy… Read more »

Go with the Flow: Whole House, Whole Color

Creating a cohesive feeling throughout an entire home is what I and other color consultants are often called upon to do. Typically, the goal is to create what’s referred to as “flow.”  It’s an overused expression that is not really specific, and often results in “boring.”  But in my view, even with subtle colors it’s far from monochromatic, and certainly not monotonous. In fact, creating “flow,” means to introduce harmonious colors—often in adjacent rooms and sometimes even in the same room—that are not in the same color family at all. An Example The beautiful home that’s the subject of this… Read more »