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Your Brain at Work

This popular book is a concise-but-comprehensive overview on how to function more effectively. David Rock’s entertaining and informative style makes it reading for pleasure! Why do I add it here among books largely concerned with color? I couldn’t resist – you can tell by looking at the cover that it’s a great use of color for the attention-grabbing Green/Yellow, Black, and White combination set on the background of a bright, but friendly, blue-green. Do I hear…Color for 2010, Turquoise?  OK, so it’s  “deep turquoise…” If you have not already read it, check it out now!

Color in Three-Dimensional Design

Boston area architectural and interior designer Jeanne Kopacz brings a well-rounded and complete approach to the title’s subject, with the emphasis on how color affects all areas of the design process. I was delighted to be a resource for the section on Visual Color Mixing.

“Apples to Apples” Tips for a Successful Paint Project

Getting ready for a paint project and selecting the right painter you want to work with includes it’s own set of points to think about. Boston area professional color consultant offers 10 tips with questions you and use when interviewing professional painters for your home decorating projects. Use the “apples to apples” approach to select the best painting professional who can help bring your interior or exterior design color schemes to life.

Do it Yourself or Hire a Pro? Tips for a successful painting experience

It’s pretty standard knowledge at this point that using paint is the most cost-effective way to achieve the most change in your home. This is part 1 of a 3-part series on planning your paint jobs and working with paint professionals. Are you a do-it-yourself-er, or will you hire a professional? Here are  some tips to get you started. (see the full post of Part 1, first appearing in this Boston Design Guide blog.) Help is on the way! Most homeowners have tried their hand at painting a room. Some are more successful than others, but most people think it… Read more »

Colors for 2010 – Starting with Blue for Paint and Beyond

It’s 2010, Do you know what your colors (plural) will be? Each New Year arrives with a burst of colorful thoughts, impressions, creative ideas, and…even, in a way, “feelings,” about Colors. Nothing new about that, it’s an ongoing phenomenon of sorts. From predictors to painters, we are people and we all have opinions based on a wide spectrum of information from politics, the economy, product sales, and intuition combined with observation skill. But any time of the year, color is “in the air.” And speaking of air, according to many sources including Pantone color forecasting, the impression, feeling, and experience… Read more »

Creating Curb Appeal

In tough real estate times we need all the help we can get in making our homes attractive. Creating Curb Appeal by Michelle Valigursky & Lisa Vail, with photography by Theresa M. Grant, is a beautiful and affordable resource for anyone interesting in creating a beautiful home exterior. I’m pleased to have been included in the Living with Color chapter of this publication!


A fascinating and unusual discussion by an artist of how—and why—our culture in general is afraid of color, going back to the ancient Greek philosphers and encompassing literature, art, and just about everything.  So much to think about in a very small volume. If the title itself isn’t enough to hook you, check out the “shocking” (read the book) pink cover!