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Want to Feel More Creative? Use these 9 Tips to add a creativity menu to your day.

I’m thinking about it like this: Loving waking up feeling creative. Ok, realistically, it does not happen every single day. But I’m realizing there is a way to experience it More and More. So this is what I came up with: A “creativity menu.” Does it sound crazy? Maybe so, but I have to say it’s Delicious! You don’t have to be in a field like art, design, color consulting, writing, architecture—or anything else typically with the ‘creative’ designation—but  just about any profession or business has a creative aspect to it. So to stretch the typical assumption of the word a… Read more »

Featured Artist Profile: Bill Gauthier offers–a Lot!

Sharing the work of fine artists and artisans (is there really a difference?) is exciting to me. There’s a certain kind of energy created, that I feel when I can share information about creative people whose work does not always fit into a readily defined category. So, from time to time I’ll feature individuals here, whose work I find particularly compelling. Bill Gauthier is an artist who specializes in the fine art of using pure gold and silver leaf in his own unique style, adding the final touch of depth and luminosity to public spaces, private collections, his own art… Read more »