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More Palettes – the Many Moods of Summer

Here it is, only the end of July and yet it almost feels like “Summer” is over. Why is that? Time passes so quickly? Maybe it’s because we’re already seeing Fall fashions. But wait, there’s more!’ (ok where have we heard that before?) It is still happening and in a typically glorious way, too.  So, not really after the fact—but rather in reflecting on recent memory both mental and visual—I wanted to present a few color palette ideas based on natural surroundings and a few other things, too. After all, the “Many Moods of Summer” includes a lot! It’s not all… Read more »

‘Tis the Season—for Nature-Based Spring Color Palettes!

We can usually agree that “nature” is the best inspiration for inspired color palettes. But that’s a broad topic! So for purposes of this post about color inspirations, I’ll stick to what is right underfoot, literally. It seems that every time I go out for a walk—whether to the beach, a local path, just ‘around town,’ or via a sweeping vista of fields—I love to look around with color palettes in mind. This usually involves being inspired to take some pictures and reflect on relative colors and how they might be used. Or, simply, just open my eyes to the… Read more »

A Maslow-Inspired Thanksgiving Color Palette

What are the colors of Thanksgiving? So much more than paint, decorating, or  “trend palettes.” I wanted to offer some color-reflections for the holiday season, and beyond. What’s important? Please share your own inspirations and color-reflections!

Do you know the cars of summer? But, Which Summer?

Maybe it’s every summer, but in Ohio it’s a great assortment of beautiful colors on beautiful vintage cars that represent some of the colors of summer, and of adventure. Hi there, can I interest you in a great summer car color? That’s a classic color, for sure (O.K., so I’m from Minnesota!) Check out the upholstery!  What a beautiful job. Maybe you’d prefer red? Or, is it Cool, and Cooler?  We didn’t see any Yellow cars that day, though… Classic blue and white palette Going back in time a bit… What’s a car show without an essential, basic, and beautiful… Read more »

Color of the week? Try, MOOD of the week, INDIGO!

Blues…music, paint, fiber, jewels, feelings. What’s “Mood Indigo,” anyway? An audio version of course…this classic! And another interpretation by Ella Fitzgerald, unsurpassable. Another way to experience it – Old Levi’s!  In the originals, the dye was Indigo. Indigo culture is worldwide, a fiber dye and therefore, as with many dye materials, a currency. Whether it’s a paste resist in Africa; Batik  or block-printing in Indonesia; Rice Paste resist or Arashi Shibori in Japan, and any one of the myriad textile design techniques that are part of indigenous cultures worldwide, using Indigo dye is a highly developed craft and art. Actually,… Read more »

Color of the week #3: The New Black – Mysterio! and, a few short tips.

It might seem strange to talk about this kind of color when we’re about to have a burst of sunshine and flowers, but at some point you might need some Big, Deep, Drama. I was “all set” with having developed the richly colored palette for EcoHues. But then I started thinking “…just one more color, something Really Really Dark…,” that would be great in the right place for an accent trim or even a reflective, deep colored wall. After all, sometimes contrast is just what a space needs to emphasize shape and architectural details. TIPS About paint finishes The thing… Read more »

Color of the Week #2 – Loving Versatile Red

The focus in on Red! Energizing, passionate; communicating intensity and warmth; advancing, into the space… and on the other hand sometimes overly heavy, drab, imposing, oppressive…just a few of the characteristics of this color that can make reds hard to use. Red, as a paint color This week I’m featuring the rich, warm, essence of a very livable Full Spectrum red paint color: EcoHues—Venezia Rose. Most red paint colors include black in their formulas. The true beauty of any color red comes through in Full Spectrum formulas. The rich, atmospheric quality of true full spectrum paints also makes them easy… Read more »

Color of the Week!

Why wait for “color of the year?” Introducing “Color of the Week,” something to keep you going throughout the year! Just as colors do not exist in isolation, nor do they function in isolation. So, this feature will sometimes include colors in combination, not just single colors. As a color consultant I have wonderful opportunities to help create beautiful environments, both interior and exterior, using a variety of materials. Not just paint! I look forward to offering many enjoyable and inspired pairings of colors—as paint colors with each other; paint colors and “faux finish” colors; and, paint with tiles, rugs,… Read more »