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Indigo Textiles-Technique and History, by Gosta Sandberg

Seriously, I had no idea when I wrote the recent post about Mood-Indigo that this color was going to be such a big thing!  In West Elm, Crate and Barrel, and even Home Accents Today, all have some mention of this mysteriously beautiful and infinitely variable color and dye. Dare I predict…(even without a crystal ball) that we’ll be seeing a lot more of this very old dye color in mainstream decor, and not just in denim.   So, to hearken back to my long-time fascination with traditional surface design techniques and materials, I found this on my bookshelf. Dyeing… Read more »

Do you know the cars of summer? But, Which Summer?

Maybe it’s every summer, but in Ohio it’s a great assortment of beautiful colors on beautiful vintage cars that represent some of the colors of summer, and of adventure. Hi there, can I interest you in a great summer car color? That’s a classic color, for sure (O.K., so I’m from Minnesota!) Check out the upholstery!  What a beautiful job. Maybe you’d prefer red? Or, is it Cool, and Cooler?  We didn’t see any Yellow cars that day, though… Classic blue and white palette Going back in time a bit… What’s a car show without an essential, basic, and beautiful… Read more »

Patterns and Colors in Diverse Places and Spaces

There’s nothing like being in a different location for a while to stimulate a fresh view of colors and patterns. From the wonderful LACMA museum in Los Angeles to the tiny Japanese variety store, with a home decorating furniture store in the middle of it all, I’m inspired to share a few images for your enjoyment. I always enjoy connecting patterns and textures. One example:     Then, for something really different, a quick visit to ZGallerie to see what’s up in L.A. decor! (or some of it, anyway)     Check out the colors above with the colors of… Read more »

Color of the week #3: The New Black – Mysterio! and, a few short tips.

It might seem strange to talk about this kind of color when we’re about to have a burst of sunshine and flowers, but at some point you might need some Big, Deep, Drama. I was “all set” with having developed the richly colored palette for EcoHues. But then I started thinking “…just one more color, something Really Really Dark…,” that would be great in the right place for an accent trim or even a reflective, deep colored wall. After all, sometimes contrast is just what a space needs to emphasize shape and architectural details. TIPS About paint finishes The thing… Read more »

Color of the Week!

Why wait for “color of the year?” Introducing “Color of the Week,” something to keep you going throughout the year! Just as colors do not exist in isolation, nor do they function in isolation. So, this feature will sometimes include colors in combination, not just single colors. As a color consultant I have wonderful opportunities to help create beautiful environments, both interior and exterior, using a variety of materials. Not just paint! I look forward to offering many enjoyable and inspired pairings of colors—as paint colors with each other; paint colors and “faux finish” colors; and, paint with tiles, rugs,… Read more »