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GoodWeave in the public eye on

GoodWeave is a unique organization. In fact, there are many individual qualities about that are unique. The focus of GoodWeave is to end illegal child labor in the rug industry. In addition, their mission includes rescuing children from enslavement, and providing education and a better quality of life. A portion of each sale of every GoodWeave certified rug goes toward this goal. Just a few the unique ways GoodWeave helps both sides of the equation Provides a resource destination for people who want to help others Provides a way for artists and designers to connect Provides a way for… Read more »

All Tibetan Rugs are Not Created Equal

It’s a price-conscious world. Nothing new about that, really. But as applies to many things in the world of products and services, the comparison is most accurate when it’s “apples to apples.” Looking at similar qualities, as much as possible. Take Tibetan rugs, for example. A subject near and dear to my heart as I have a personal interest in what I look at as an art form even though there’s “production” involved. I’m not a weaver myself, obviously—although I have to admit I have a long-time desire to learn to weave, along with many other artisan interests in a… Read more »