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Ready to photograph? Try these professional tips.

Any chance that I have to offer information from other design professionals is a great opportunity to share material that is beyond—and usually very different from—my own experience. The subject of photography is one that I personally enjoy, and appreciate.  So, I am grateful for the permission from Boston-area photographer Lynne Damianos, of Damianos Photography, to be able to offer her selection of tips for getting ready to photograph an interior. Interior Residential Photography Prep List Architectural/interior photography is a careful balance of anticipating  potential challenges, and adapting—before they happen.  Damianos Photography educates clients and property owners about how to… Read more »

All Tibetan Rugs are Not Created Equal

It’s a price-conscious world. Nothing new about that, really. But as applies to many things in the world of products and services, the comparison is most accurate when it’s “apples to apples.” Looking at similar qualities, as much as possible. Take Tibetan rugs, for example. A subject near and dear to my heart as I have a personal interest in what I look at as an art form even though there’s “production” involved. I’m not a weaver myself, obviously—although I have to admit I have a long-time desire to learn to weave, along with many other artisan interests in a… Read more »

Colors outside, and Plant Valentines!

As beautiful as the sparkle is on the still-white snow outside my office and studio, looking through some colorful images brings me to this image and memory of the 2010 harvest time. It’s Plant-Romance! What a palette! A thought about making assumptions: House colors are often similar to this…a conservatively painted house exterior might be just the quiet envelope for a spicy interior. Food for thought: who lives here? Do you have some funky, fun, exotic, strange and wonderful house pictures to share? Please do!

Mural, Mural on the wall…

What is the most personal and long-lasting painting expression of all? What is a mural? Many things! A surface, oil, pigment, acrylic, canvas, and…dreams, hopes, visions, heart, entertainment, education, personal expression, art, graphics, color, excitement, happiness, and…travels, transportation, outer space, meditation, contemplation, grand color, detail, and…large view, large scale, small niche…and Communication, Interpretation, Expression… It’s an act of faith. I’m happy to present a collection of murals by 4 artists, all with different styles from each other, and each with his or her own way of working. In fact, each artist has a range of artistic styles to draw upon…. Read more »

Tips for Testing Paint Colors and “Faux” Samples on a “Small Wall”

Getting ready to paint? Try these tips for testing your color choices Testing paint colors on a surface large enough to see the color is critical to making your best color decisions. Now, Small Wall paint testing boards are finally available from Amazon…you don’t even have to go to a store to get it. Just click on the picture above! Tip 1: Tools Use a foam or microfiber roller, 4″ or 6″ size is fine, to apply paint to your Small Wall boards. Do NOT use a brush. Be sure to evenly coat the entire surface of your Small Wall… Read more »

News: Gift Certificates for all our consult services, and more…

A Gift of Color is long-lasting and personal, for many occasions and any time of the year. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but giving a gift to a friend or family member is not a seasonal issue. After all, design projects happen year ’round! With that in mind, I decided to create a gift certificate program. I have to admit, it’s not even my own idea. A client wanted to give the “gift of color” (can’t resist saying that!) to her daughter and son who are renovating their new/old home. I loved the idea, so I wanted to make it… Read more »

“Falling Leaves” are custom made in time for Fall

What is a “Bespoke” design for rugs? I’m often asked about my process of designing and having a “bespoke” rug made; an original design created specifically for an individual client’s space and personal style preferences.  In some cases, the client loves to participate very directly in the design process. I selected “Falling Leaves” to share here, as a good example of this experience which is many steps beyond the typical customizing of an existing collection design for size, shape, colors, and even texture. For me, the process of collaboration with the client is especially enjoyable.  Although these clients are in … Read more »

Decor and Fashion Connect in Traditional Textile Techniques

In my recent blog post in which I showed a few some images of  the “Decor and Fashion” connection, I presented a brief description of the intricate dye-and-weave process knows as “Ikat.” Now, for those of you who have an interest in what’s behind the fashion aspect, I’m happy to introduce two wonderful books on the subject of Ikat, and other traditional dye techniques. The Dyer’s Art is an exciting compendium of many resist-dye techniques.  The author, Jack Lenor Larsen, is a renowned designer, artist, and authority on weaving. “Resist” dyeing is most recognizable in it’s most simplistic form as… Read more »

September is Colorful at the BDC–and more

A brief visit to the Boston Design Center yesterday inspired me to take some quick shots of colorful displays that include some interesting patterns. Chocolate brown with turquoise was a theme at a few locations. Looks like this beautiful combination is here to stay for a while! Another view of this combination This is Not at the BDC–but you can see the color combination works here at Silk Road Weaves, as well Back at the Boston Design Center, adding a twist of earthy yellow-green, Lee Jofa shows this great skirt! Personally, I love the connection between decor-and-fashion. (More about this… Read more »

Happy Colors Inspire a Rainy Day

Here we are in Boston, chilly and rainy. Finally, some water–it’s appreciated. But thinking of colors today, here’s a bit of what comes to mind: Remember “Don’t Worry, be Happy?”  Sometimes hard to do these days, but looking at this helps make it  possible! In case you can’t read the fine print, the saying on the bike is this (and please note: it’s NOT a typo)! HAPPY LIFE Benny present mellow breezy cycle to you! Happy Life match your good sense! In a different medium, it’s inspiring to look at and handle the beautiful wool and silk colors, and all… Read more »