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Your paint project: 10 Tips for choosing colors

Finally, it’s time to choose the colors. Well, maybe it’s not “Finally”—maybe that was actually your first thought! It often happens that I’m called to help with a color palette when “the painters are coming next week!” While crisis-mode color selection is not optimal, it’s certainly possible to do. But your color choices deserve your best attention since it’s color that sets the tone for your entire space. If you have time to give your color selections adequate consideration, it will be to your advantage. Even if you intend to use the services of a color consultant it will be… Read more »

“Apples to Apples” Tips for a Successful Paint Project

Getting ready for a paint project and selecting the right painter you want to work with includes it’s own set of points to think about. Boston area professional color consultant offers 10 tips with questions you and use when interviewing professional painters for your home decorating projects. Use the “apples to apples” approach to select the best painting professional who can help bring your interior or exterior design color schemes to life.

Do it Yourself or Hire a Pro? Tips for a successful painting experience

It’s pretty standard knowledge at this point that using paint is the most cost-effective way to achieve the most change in your home. This is part 1 of a 3-part series on planning your paint jobs and working with paint professionals. Are you a do-it-yourself-er, or will you hire a professional? Here are  some tips to get you started. (see the full post of Part 1, first appearing in this Boston Design Guide blog.) Help is on the way! Most homeowners have tried their hand at painting a room. Some are more successful than others, but most people think it… Read more »

Colors for 2010 – Starting with Blue for Paint and Beyond

It’s 2010, Do you know what your colors (plural) will be? Each New Year arrives with a burst of colorful thoughts, impressions, creative ideas, and…even, in a way, “feelings,” about Colors. Nothing new about that, it’s an ongoing phenomenon of sorts. From predictors to painters, we are people and we all have opinions based on a wide spectrum of information from politics, the economy, product sales, and intuition combined with observation skill. But any time of the year, color is “in the air.” And speaking of air, according to many sources including Pantone color forecasting, the impression, feeling, and experience… Read more »

Little changes can mean a lot…of questions!

OK, let’s say we agree, that we recognize that color is important. So, how do we take it to the next level? There’s the Right Color…and then there’s the “Everything Right About the Color.”  Color experience is so omnipresent that I was inspired to share this example. The Swedish design firm Happy F&B has really got it Right, in a subtle  yet effective way. The changes in the green color, the font style, the shape…these are the seemingly little changes that make the difference. These same principles can also apply to using color in architecture and interiors.  It’s a broader… Read more »

Curb Appeal: Updating a 50’s custom home

Residential Exterior The owner of this 1950’s custom home wanted to create a great view of his house from the street. True, the house is in a commanding position at the upper crest of a hill on a corner lot where two streets meet. It’s almost like a punctuation point, since the house is visible as soon as you round the corner. Originally white with mauve trim, the house is surrounded with homes for the most part “colonial” with taupe, brown, or beige siding. The owner’s goal The owner wanted to make his home a showplace without it standing out… Read more »

Start to Make Some Colorful Changes in 2010

Take a chance and make a big change! Using Color—and Paint—is widely known as the most cost-effective way to do it. Whether you’re doing your own painting or hiring a professional painter, you’ll want to be using the paint that gives you the most color-per-can. Consider Simply put, color is reflected light. If there’s a black or gray tint in the paint-can-mixture, that means “color lost.”  Black, as ‘reflected light’ is a virtual dead space where color is concerned. How to get the most ‘color-rich environment’ possible? Use paint that is mixed with the full spectrum array of tints. Even… Read more »

Nuance and intention in color design, from movies to our homes

Sometimes a movie’s color theme is so pervasive I just can’t ignore it. Ever since I saw the 1998 version of Great Expectations, I’ve had my color-antennae on alert, and even though I’m a film fan anyway, it’s more enjoyable and interesting when I think about the color associations and what the director’s intentions might be. What brings this topic to mind at this time is that an associate in the IACCNA recently sent a note about a book she’d discovered,   If it’s Purple, Someone’s Gonna Die. It reminds me of my experience with the green theme in that movie…. Read more »

Are You Blue, or do you have a Sunshine smile?

The Color Psychology Buzz is more than a pop culture mood What’s “fun” about “functional color?”  Even though that sounds a bit dry, it’s gratifying to help create beautiful and healthy built environments of all types, inside and out. Another way color use can be functional  is  helping business people use color effectively in their marketing and products.  Part of this includes looking at current and future trends and events as they might apply to us in our homes, workplaces, and personally. So, it seemed fitting to launch my Integral Color Blog with a few notes about a Not-New idea… Read more »