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Tips and Views on the meaning of cost–and the cost of color.

From remodeling your home to mowing your lawn…What is often at the top of a list of hesitations? “Price” or “Cost” often includes much more than an exchange of money. Let’s say, for the sake of this discussion, that it can be the cost of professional services. What does this have to do with remodeling, color, and design? As with most discussions there are various ways to look at the subject. Ultimately, the question would be “processed-focused” or “outcome-focused. Looking at “Cost vs. Pleasure” Cost Cost is outlay of cash Cost is the level of perceived value Cost is “Doing… Read more »

“Creative” and “Personal” – a Few Short Tips about Paint Finishes

Think “Creative and Personal” with these short tips about paint finishes. Without a lot of discussion, I wanted to present a few concise tips to consider when you’re selecting interior paint colors for your home. Typically, we have three choices for paint finishes (some companies have one or two in between them): Flat, Eggshell, SemiGloss, and High Gloss. Deep Color Effects Traditional Family Room by Cambridge Architects & Building Designers LDa Architecture & Interiors Here’s a good place to use a flat finish for velvet elegance but just be wary of burnishing. Best used in a space that does not… Read more »

What’s Neutral, anyway? Try these tips.

What is “Neutral,” anyway? A multi-use color that is complementary in many settings. Many colors can be made serve this purpose. They don’t have to be taupe, beige, or gray. Depending on the look you want, even vivid or highly contrasting colors will make a harmonious statement. The key is balance. Warm, cool, light, dark, saturated, pale…you have an entire spectrum to choose from. What to look for in a ‘mutable neutral?’  That will be a color that functions as a neutral but actually looks very color-rich.  One way to discern the colors that will be most flexible in your… Read more »

About color or not, open your mind to open your eyes

Are you perhaps one of the many individuals who is “stuck?” That could mean stuck in a pattern of thinking, behavior, reacting and responding…the list is endless. I was thinking about this recently and it even applies to color selections. With so many colors to choose from, whether for interior colors, exterior colors, or just new materials, it’s too easy to just revert to what’s comfortable, what we’re used to, and what we know “looks good.” On the other hand, there is a lot of stimulation available through examples, options, and advice both valid and incorrect, that can either help… Read more »

A Maslow-Inspired Thanksgiving Color Palette

What are the colors of Thanksgiving? So much more than paint, decorating, or  “trend palettes.” I wanted to offer some color-reflections for the holiday season, and beyond. What’s important? Please share your own inspirations and color-reflections!

Bio-What? Add Nature to your Life and Feel Better Now

Biophilia.* It’s not quite a “household word” yet, but is definitely becoming a regularly accepted fact: including as many references to “nature” as possible—in any kind of space—leads to more healthy living and working environments. How this plays out in a very real, practical way is documented in some very interesting articles.  You might say, it’s  even a matter of common sense—and dollars. We humans need to be connected to nature. We hear this so much that it borders on sounding trite. But it’s an innate aspect of our biological makeup—we’re “hard-wired” with this need, and it’s a good one…. Read more »

Linen-weave texture: made a mistake but now corrected

Silly mistakes will happen. Most recently here: posting something by mistake, then deleting it to try to correct the error, then deciding to re-post. This recent post was brought to my attention today by a friendly reader who wrote me an email that the page was no longer available. What’s good about that? Now I can make it better. What happened? I’d posted an image of a decorative finish, a project in which I’d painted a linen-weave strie design in two colors, two layers. The problem was that I’d not included any info on the picture! This can be a… Read more »

National Painting Week

Did you know it’s National Painting Week?  That’s the story, right from Sherwin Williams Paints. It’s a great idea, and on their site they offer a number of useful tips that you will find both accessible and easy to do. Perfect for busy people who want to make a big change. The simple tips they offer are so practical that it’s a great reminder of how easy it is to make a big change with paint. Among the tips they have put together in a short video: Changing cabinet hardware for a  new look Update light fixtures Painting an easy,… Read more »

Seniors and Elders, Make it Colorful and Enjoyable:New Ways to Get Help Moving Up, Out, Beyond

Last year was a big year for my mom. Making the decision to move to Los Angeles from her lifelong home in Minneapolis was not easy, but once she did, she did it with her typical commitment to a project. Granted, this is not my usual kind of subject but I wanted to touch on it anyway.  After all…it’s this type of life change that make you reflect on future development and how it’s a quite a mystery that we can only “plan” for to a relatively limited extent. The reason I wanted to bring this up is that she… Read more »