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What more is there to say about color?

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So, it’s been a while since I’ve written a post here. “Been So Busy…” is what people often say. I guess it’s true that I have ‘been busy.’ But here’s the thing. So much to think about color, so much to say, so little time, and so forth.

I just decided to Ask! What would you like to hear about?
It could be one of these topics but feel free to add your own requests!

  • Interior color ideas?
  • Exterior color ideas?
  • Paint or other materials?
  • Color Theory?
  • Client questions?
  • Full Spectrum Paint color questions?
  • Coordinating paint and furnishings?
  • What is supportive color?
  • Applied color psychology?
    …and more?

My own list of potential posts is much longer than that of course, but sometimes it’s also good to ask for suggestions.

Let me know, and let’s share some color stories and tips.

New England Peaches

Yes, it’s a bowl of peaches!

Just the image to inspire a dramatic “Fall” palette for interior and exterior house colors.
Take your pick, and make the most of how you use them.
Warning: A little bit goes a long way!

Meanwhile, enjoy the end of Summer. I know I will.


A Maslow-Inspired Thanksgiving Color Palette

What are the colors of Thanksgiving?
So much more than paint, decorating, or  “trend palettes.”
I wanted to offer some color-reflections for the holiday season, and beyond.

Maslow's Hierarchy - reinterpreted as Thanksgiving colors

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – reinterpreted as Thanksgiving colors

What’s important?
Please share your own inspirations and color-reflections!

Fashion in Colors

Fashion in Colors (Paperback)

By (author): Paul Warwick Thompson, Yoshikata Tsukamoto, Barbara Bloemink

Color is Life " Wrote the Bauhaus Theorist Johannes Itten,and this is Certainly holds true in the words of fashion and design.

The spectrum of color: content, interest, application, social meanings, trends, materials (to name just a few) naturally includes textile design and fashion. Even if we’re not “fashionistas” (one of those questionable words that somehow actually means something), “Fashion” is in our lives.

Fashion in Colors - the book

Book cover: Fashion in COLORS

Might as well enjoy it!  And to do so, check out Fashion in COLORS, published for the exhibition, “Fashion in Colors,” at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum at the Smithsonian Institute, 2005-2006, curated by Akiko Fukai.

According to the inside cover, the origin of the book was the original exhibition organized by the Kyoto Costume Institute, that was shown at the National Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto, 2004.

One unique aspect of this book is in the presentation. Sections on artists, designers, and color families make it a unique exploration of color and design. Works by the iconic designers whose names you will recognize are fascinating and the photography is simply astounding. It’s a complete immersion in color, shape, texture, textile design, and information.

List Price: $45.00 USD
New From: $35.00 USD In Stock
Used from: $5.66 USD In Stock

Color Creates Light: Studies with Hans Hoffman

Color Creates Light: Studies with Hans Hofmann brings together the man, the schools, the painting, the ideas, and the teaching. Jed Perl of The New Republic calls this book "enormously important... nothing less than the missing chapter in the history of the period," for Hofmann's decade of painting in Paris prior to World War I, combined with his observations of the masters of all cultures, enabled him to explain Cubism to the avant-garde and catalyzed the later Abstract Expressionism.

In the ateliers of German emigrant Hans Hofmann (1880-1966) in Munich, New York and Provincetown, talented students later to become some of the most significant artists and educators of the time rubbed shoulders with critics, collectors, and curators, who in turn transmitted and transmuted Hofmann s ideas across Europe, America, Canada, and beyond. From how Hofmann taught to what he taught, artists talk shop about the inner workings of the visual language, required reading for those engaged in creative composition, whether visual, verbal, musical, architectural, cinematic, or choreographic.

List Price: $49.95 USD
New From: $32.10 USD In Stock
Used from: $33.09 USD In Stock

“In nature, light creates the color; in the picture, color creates light.”
–Hans Hoffman

Hans Hoffman

More than ‘color inspiration,’ looking to fine art is a dynamic way to experience color. Hans Hoffman exemplifies the word “colorist.” This book offers an in-depth exploration of his theories of color as well as gain as sense of the man—his life, teaching, and art work—in a biography. Also included are many illustrations of work by other artists, some of whom were his students.

Indigo Textiles-Technique and History, by Gosta Sandberg

A fascinating historical survey and practical application of the oldest natural dye in use today: indigo. Visit cultures that have used this wonderful dye and learn the chemistry of the dyeing process. Meet artisans from around the world and discover their techniques. Filled with recipes, tips, suggestions, projects. 184 pages (44 in color), 80 b/w illus., 6 5/8 x 9 3/8.

Seriously, I had no idea when I wrote the recent post about Mood-Indigo that this color was going to be such a big thing!  In West Elm, Crate and Barrel, and even Home Accents Today, all have some mention of this mysteriously beautiful and infinitely variable color and dye.

Dare I predict…(even without a crystal ball) that we’ll be seeing a lot more of this very old dye color in mainstream decor, and not just in denim.

INdigo Textiles TEchnique and History

Right here, enough to get started, with numerous great pictures.


So, to hearken back to my long-time fascination with traditional surface design techniques and materials, I found this on my bookshelf.

Dyeing to Try?
For those of you who might take your interest in Indigo to the next level, I encourage you to check out this little volume. You have the instructions Right Here, to do your own Indigo dye work.

List Price: $22.95 USD
New From: $132.12 USD In Stock
Used from: $12.68 USD In Stock

Carlo Scarpa

Lavishly illustrated volume.
List Price: $29.99 USD
New From: $275.04 USD In Stock
Used from: $64.31 USD In Stock

Check out the ColorViews Blog post for more about this subject.

Got Color? No More Neutrals…Get Gaudi!

A long winter..”neutrals” got you down? Fret no longer, Get energized with Gaudi.

Antonio Gaudi

No, it's not a dragon—it's a building. From: Complete works: Gaudi / by Aurora Cuito, Cristina Montes. This image from the book is by Pere Planells

Exquisite photography and detailed descriptions of sites provide a compelling entree into the Gaudi world. As an architectural color consultant I particularly enjoy Gaudi’s bold, personal style of color in architecture. I’m happy to have the English edition so I can actually read the text!

Next stop…Barcelona!

Antonio Gaudi: Complete Works (Paperback)

By (author): Aurora Cuito

Book by Cuito, Aurora
List Price: $38.95 USD
New From: $56.99 USD In Stock
Used from: $31.34 USD In Stock

Ikat Textiles of India

Ikat Textiles of India (Paperback)

By (author): Chelna Desai

Book by Desai, Chelna
List Price: $19.95 USD
New From: $12.95 USD In Stock
Used from: $4.77 USD In Stock

Ikat Textiles of India by Chandra Desai

No image on, so I offer this image of my own copy of Ikat Textiles of India, by Chelna Desai

A contemporary view of Ikat textiles in India.  Shown are designs in a wide range of colors, from simple everyday styles to complex, rare examples. Includes the history and technique of Ikat with a very useful glossary.

The Dyer’s Art: Ikat, Batik, Plangi

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The Dyer's Art: Ikat, Batik, Plangi (Hardcover)

By (author): Jack Lenor Larsen

first edition THE DYER'S ART: Ikat, Batik, Plangi Jack Lenor Larsen; Alfred Buhler Bronwen; Garrett Solyom 1976 Contents: Introduction Plangi Batik lkat Some Contemporary Implications of Resists Dyes and Dyeing Notes on Sources for the Study of Resists Bibliography Map Index
New From: $166.90 USD In Stock
Used from: $21.93 USD In Stock

The Dyer's Art by Jack Lenor Larsen

This photo is of my own well-worn copy of this wonderful reference book.

Anyone who has an interest in the origins of textile design will enjoy this in-depth view into the world of color and design in textiles. Major types of resist dye are explored in this instructional visual resource, complete with numerous photos of textile work in their extraordinary processes, in their original tribal environments.

Authors: Jack Lenor Larsen: Renowned designer, craftsman and colorist; anthropologist Dr Alfred Buhler; ikat specialists Bronwen and Garrett Solyom.  c. 1976, Van Nostrand Reinhold.

Ndebele: The Art of an African Tribe

Ndebele: The Art of an African Tribe (Paperback)

By (author): Margaret Courtney-Clarke

For generations, the women of the Ndebele of southern Afrcia have produced an art of remarkable richness and vitality. In their ceremonial beadwork and in large murals that cover the exterior walls of their mud dwellings, these women have created designs that are at once ancient and modern in their simplicity, bright colours and abstract patterns.
List Price: $34.95 USD
New From: $19.50 USD In Stock
Used from: $9.83 USD In Stock

Decorative, functional and symbolic, the art of the tribal Ndebele women of South Africa continues to amaze us with its beauty, simplicity, and drama.

This book was first published in 1986. Many of the buildings shown are no longer standing, giving us even more reason to appreciate these amazing painted dwellings and the people who created them.

I will provide an impartial perspective on your project, helping you create supportive spaces...

Color affects your bottom line. Let color work for you in your workplace, your marketing materials, and your products.

Embrace Color with Confidence! Enjoy the process of making interior and exterior color decisions...