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Ndebele: The Art of an African Tribe

Decorative, functional and symbolic, the art of the tribal Ndebele women of South Africa continues to amaze us with its beauty, simplicity, and drama. This book was first published in 1986. Many of the buildings shown are no longer standing, giving us even more reason to appreciate these amazing painted dwellings and the people who created them.

Blue – The History of a Color

Looking into the history of any color is fascinating, and in BLUE, Michel Pastoureau has created a beautiful book that is rewarding for it’s own aesthetic qualities, both visual and functional (yes, the binding is really stitched and the book lays open at any page!). As for content, the color illustrations taken from a variety of historic documents serve to make the educational text entertaining as well as informative.


A fascinating and unusual discussion by an artist of how—and why—our culture in general is afraid of color, going back to the ancient Greek philosphers and encompassing literature, art, and just about everything.  So much to think about in a very small volume. If the title itself isn’t enough to hook you, check out the “shocking” (read the book) pink cover!