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Color Geography – the anatomy of a long-distance consult project

How does geographic location affect color choices? Even for long-distance color design projects, considering the lighting and the actual location is a “must.” Imagination is part of it, but also local-area images are important, along with the essential client-provided information. This is also where a digital image process can be so helpful. It’s a way to virtually see the building as-if it’s already painted with the new colors, using images the client provides. And it’s those images that offer a way to see what the house or other building looks like in it’s own environment. One example, a family’s house in… Read more »

Asking the right questions

How to listen: Take a tip from Joseph Albers “Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers.” Among the many “what’s the first step” items in the process of a new client-relationship, asking the right questions is at the top of my list. Of course this also goes for any project, even with people we think we know, since each project carries its own set of circumstances. That’s why I love the above statement by Josef Albers. While creatively problem-solving, opportunities to learn—and to teach—abound in every project Help clients discover their own… Read more »

Make it easy? Texture and finish variations create interest.

Connect and coordinate a simple color palette with collaboration, colors, and textures. Sometimes it’s easier than others, and sometimes it just Looks easy! Carefully considered wall finishes and coordinated custom rugs can help. Collaboration gets it done. In this Boston high-rise condo, to create a backdrop for stronger colors we used a neutral-based color palette in custom finish of textured walls, with custom Tibetan rugs. Hand knotted rug: 100% wool. All custom Tibetan rugs shown are from Silk Road Weaves. I’ve worked in tandem with Boston-area designer Cynthia Brumm, of SpaceDesign, on a number of projects. Here, Cynthia was the… Read more »

“Yellow,” she said! And, 3 tips for exterior color selections.

It’s not often that a client is adamant about a house color. At least not to the extent of being so fixed on one color family that all others are not available for consideration. With that caveat, I began to look at various yellow paint colors for the exterior of a Victorian home in a Boston-area suburb.  Not only was the only option to be “Yellow,” but the painting was going to be done by an area company specializing in a ‘never-paint-again!’ method, and so it had to be the right yellow to last…and last…and never be changed. Originally built… Read more »

Go with the Flow: Whole House, Whole Color

Creating a cohesive feeling throughout an entire home is what I and other color consultants are often called upon to do. Typically, the goal is to create what’s referred to as “flow.”  It’s an overused expression that is not really specific, and often results in “boring.”  But in my view, even with subtle colors it’s far from monochromatic, and certainly not monotonous. In fact, creating “flow,” means to introduce harmonious colors—often in adjacent rooms and sometimes even in the same room—that are not in the same color family at all. An Example The beautiful home that’s the subject of this… Read more »

“Falling Leaves” are custom made in time for Fall

What is a “Bespoke” design for rugs? I’m often asked about my process of designing and having a “bespoke” rug made; an original design created specifically for an individual client’s space and personal style preferences.  In some cases, the client loves to participate very directly in the design process. I selected “Falling Leaves” to share here, as a good example of this experience which is many steps beyond the typical customizing of an existing collection design for size, shape, colors, and even texture. For me, the process of collaboration with the client is especially enjoyable.  Although these clients are in … Read more »

Color for a group? It’s a historic Boston building!

We’re familiar with the ‘old song’ about  the difficulties that can occur getting 2 people who share a home to agree on design decisions. As pleased as I was to be asked to consult with the owners of a historic Boston co-op building, I was equally aware of the challenges in satisfying the requirements of a group of property-owners sharing a very real interest in the same building.  The subject of my work for them was to create a new color palette for the lobby and vestibule of their  1924, “classic Old-Boston” building in the historic heart of Boston. The… Read more »

Curb Appeal: Updating a 50’s custom home

Residential Exterior The owner of this 1950’s custom home wanted to create a great view of his house from the street. True, the house is in a commanding position at the upper crest of a hill on a corner lot where two streets meet. It’s almost like a punctuation point, since the house is visible as soon as you round the corner. Originally white with mauve trim, the house is surrounded with homes for the most part “colonial” with taupe, brown, or beige siding. The owner’s goal The owner wanted to make his home a showplace without it standing out… Read more »