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Want to Feel More Creative? Use these 9 Tips to add a creativity menu to your day.

I’m thinking about it like this: Loving waking up feeling creative. Ok, realistically, it does not happen every single day. But I’m realizing there is a way to experience it More and More. So this is what I came up with: A “creativity menu.” Does it sound crazy? Maybe so, but I have to say it’s Delicious! You don’t have to be in a field like art, design, color consulting, writing, architecture—or anything else typically with the ‘creative’ designation—but  just about any profession or business has a creative aspect to it. So to stretch the typical assumption of the word a… Read more »

Tips for Testing – it’s your most important tool before painting

Have you ever thought about the tools you need for painting? Think of testing your paint selections as the most important ‘tool’ in your bag. Tips for Testing Q: Are you about to make decisions about paint color? Q: Painters and designers: Are you about to recommend paint colors for a client? Q: How can you make high quality color test samples to help your clients make color decisions? You’re a painting professional who has just been asked for the Thousandth time…”how will it look?” Of course you may have even seen the specified color in many other settings over… Read more »