Color of the Week #2 – Loving Versatile Red

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The focus in on Red!

Energizing, passionate; communicating intensity and warmth; advancing, into the space… and on the other hand sometimes overly heavy, drab, imposing, oppressive…just a few of the characteristics of this color that can make reds hard to use.

Red, as a paint color
This week I’m featuring the rich, warm, essence of a very livable Full Spectrum red paint color: EcoHues—Venezia Rose. Most red paint colors include black in their formulas. The true beauty of any color red comes through in Full Spectrum formulas. The rich, atmospheric quality of true full spectrum paints also makes them easy to decorate with since so many other colors are included in each paint color mixed this way.

EcoHues - Venezia Rose

“Red” is a color that has enjoyed a great popularity in homes, in particular when used in a dining room or often in a bedroom. Red is often applied as what we who do decorative painting refer to as “straight paint…” meaning, out of the can, not as a glaze or other special treatment.

Red, Faux Sure
Red is also a great color to develop in layers, for “faux finishes” or Venetian Plaster or other special translucent or textured effects. Red can be used in many different settings, however: commercial spaces, home kitchens, and other areas.  I often have recommend that clients consider a layered finish when they want to see red in the best possible way.

Layering colors allows the decorative artist a way to bring light into the surface, literally. A light-infused finish helps avoid the feeling of heaviness that can accompany a red wall color.

A few different examples follow, of finishes I’ve developed to take advantage of the drama of red in a variety of spaces.

This waxed, pigmented plaster finish has depth and richness that play well in any time of day or night.

Samovar Tea Lounge, Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco

Samovar Tea Lounge, Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco

Powder room walls, private residence, Boston area. Can you guess the colors used?

Multi-layered glaze radiates warmth and mystery

This multi-layered, multi-color red glaze finish glows with warmth and mystery.

Rusty-Red kitchen walls have interest without pattern.

Kitchen walls, a rusty red

Kitchen walls, a soft, rusty red glaze without pattern. Kitchen design including custom cabinet design, by Carolyn Anderson /Anusara Home.

Tasty Reds


Delicious Summer Strawberries at Powisset Farm CSA!

Perfect complementary colors in red apples

Apples offer a perfect study in complementary colors

Red Underfoot
Three new colorways in Red from Silk Road Weaves: LOOPY/Gems, hand knotted Tibetan rugs.
I developed these new custom rug colorways at a client’s request for specific colors. Combining 3 different reds with aubergine in various ways, using wool and silk, here they are together, and separately.

Three Reds Together, from Silk Road Weaves

Three new red colorways in LOOPY GEMS, from Silk Road Weaves

Red Aubergine

LOOPY Gems: Red wool background, aubergine silk design lines

LOOPY GEMS: Aubergine-Red Tibetan rug

LOOPY Gems: Aubergine wool background, red silk design lines.

Silk Road Weaves - LOOPY GEMS: Wool and silk Tibetan rug

LOOPY Gems: 2 colors of red in the wool + silk background, with red silk design lines

As with any color, but most noticeably with a red, yellow, or other strong colors, the brightness of the color and the effect of the actual space and lighting has a tremendous effect on the appearance of the color.

Please share your own favorite reds, with a note about how you’ve used them!





4 Responses to “Color of the Week #2 – Loving Versatile Red”

  1. Nancy Alwin, CACC

    Two of my favorite reds from Benjamin Moore; Affinity’s AF280’Salsa Dancing’warm orange red, a deep red violet Classic color #1259 ‘Beaujolais’.
    Red is not a color I run to, as it has been done poorly and many clients have negative associations. Which is why I go to the ‘off’ reds, to the orange or to the violet.
    Best; Nancy


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