Color of the week #3: The New Black – Mysterio! and, a few short tips.

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It might seem strange to talk about this kind of color when we’re about to have a burst of sunshine and flowers, but at some point you might need some Big, Deep, Drama. I was “all set” with having developed the richly colored palette for EcoHues. But then I started thinking “…just one more color, something Really Really Dark…,” that would be great in the right place for an accent trim or even a reflective, deep colored wall.

After all, sometimes contrast is just what a space needs to emphasize shape and architectural details.

EcoHues Full Spectrum - Mysterio

A new black with No Black! EcoHues Full Spectrum Paint: Deep and cool-toned Mysterio

About paint finishes
The thing to remember when using deeper colors in a flat finish, in any brand of paint, is that the very very deep colors can ‘burnish’ when you brush against the surface. This means that if your elbow, for example, happens to rub against the painted surface it might make a mark that looks shiny in some lights.

So, we have three finishes: Flat, as with all EcoHues colors; SemiGloss; and Eggshell. The recommended sheen when using this kind of very deep color on a wall: Use the semi-gloss! It will be a brighter looking color and still retain the depth and mystery of, well, Mysterio!

A few ideas about trim colors

  • Don’t feel obligated to paint all the trim in a room the same color.
  • Think about the purpose of the trim: to accent a particular architectural element, frame a space, or create unity.
  • Painting the trim the same color as your walls, but in a different finish, is a subtle way to add the illusion of a different color
  • Painting crown moldings the same color as your ceiling, in a different finish, frames the ceiling and defines the space in a subtle way.
  • Painting the crown moldings the same color as your walls adds height.
  • Window trim in the same color as walls opens the space by bringing your focus to the outside.
  • Using a very dark, contrasting trim color in a higher sheen can be a meaningful design accent To illustrate, a few images from that use  black.
    It’s not Mysterio, but you get the idea:

Minnesota Private Residence traditional entry

Traditional entry design by Chicago architect COOK ARCHITECTURAL Design Studio




Goshen Ridge Model Home modern kids

Modern kids design by DC metro interior designer Laura Manning Bendik

We have two very deep colors, and one of them is Mysterio. Another time I”ll feature CharPlum Gray.

Of course, digital color is nothing like the real thing.  Half-way down this linked page you’ll find details to order your own hand-painted color cards in various sizes from 1″x4″ to 8″x10″, with options for 9″x12″ painted on SmallWall.

4 Responses to “Color of the week #3: The New Black – Mysterio! and, a few short tips.”

  1. Julie Dexter

    Black, you say? PLease check out artist Karen Gunderson- “The Black Paintings”.

  2. Kate Smith ~ Sensational Color

    I love hues so deep they are almost black. Plus who doesn’t love the idea of black paint made without black pigment. That in itself will be intriguing to most people.

    This type of dark is so much more interesting than black. It is perfect for doors inside and out and other areas that need a touch of mystery…or should that be Mysterio 😉

    • bjacobs

      Thanks Kate, it’s a similar attraction to that kind of color that led me to create the 2 very-deep colors in this palette (Char-Plum Gray is the other one). The full spectrum approach is fascinating in all types of color mixtures.


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