Color of the Week!

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Why wait for “color of the year?”
Introducing “Color of the Week,” something to keep you going throughout the year!

Just as colors do not exist in isolation, nor do they function in isolation. So, this feature will sometimes include colors in combination, not just single colors. As a color consultant I have wonderful opportunities to help create beautiful environments, both interior and exterior, using a variety of materials. Not just paint!

I look forward to offering many enjoyable and inspired pairings of colors—as paint colors with each other; paint colors and “faux finish” colors; and, paint with tiles, rugs, and other materials.

Because where I live it “almost” feels like Spring, I wanted to start this feature with the color of warmth, sun, and new energy.

Viburnum flowers

Viburnum flowers offer a welcoming, golden yellow.

A friend’s garden offered the inspiration for a number of the colors of my new EcoHues full spectrum paint palette. As with all the EcoHues Full Spectrum paints, there is no black or gray in the mix and they are NoVOC, No Odor as well. The Viburnum flowers translated into the paint color “Viburnum,” a richly saturated yellow but one  that will be very enjoyable to live with.

Viburnum: Full Spectrum paint color from EcoHues

Viburnum: digital images are always approximate, so see it in person, get a sample.

Coming up: Colors in combination, and paint colors paired with other materials!

One Response to “Color of the Week!”

  1. Marcia Walter

    I have the samples, and I really, really like this Viburnum yellow. It’s bright without overpowering. Will tell you how I like the Etruscan (orange terra cotta)as soon as I paint my own guest bedroom!


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