Colors outside, and Plant Valentines!

As beautiful as the sparkle is on the still-white snow outside my office and studio, looking through some colorful images brings me to this image and memory of the 2010 harvest time. It’s Plant-Romance!

Harvest Valentine

Is it Valentine's day yet? These plants thought so! Fall harvest, at the CSA where we're fortunate to benefit from the skills of Meryl and the others at Powissett Farm.

What a palette!

Winter Squash

Love those subdued winter squash "exterior colors" ! If you didn't know it, would you ever guess the vivid hues and flavors that lie within.

A thought about making assumptions: House colors are often similar to this…a conservatively painted house exterior might be just the quiet envelope for a spicy interior.

Food for thought: who lives here?

Back to the Farm

Just farm outbuildings! Included because I happen to like the shapes and colors of the buildings, fence, grass, and sky, together in this picture.

LA Beach Front

Some where on the road in LA. As a child in Minnesota we used to ask...who lives in a pink house? ...never got an answer.

Green Ranch

Another look, entirely.

Do you have some funky, fun, exotic, strange and wonderful house pictures to share? Please do!

3 Responses to “Colors outside, and Plant Valentines!”

  1. Amy Bly

    Love the last two houses, the first for how different AND pretty it is, the last for the shock value! I’ve seen some doozies over the years, but never took photos — will have to, now!


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