FAQs about Color Consulting


Frequently Asked Questions about Working with a Color Consultant

What does a color consultant do?
An architectural color consultant will help you make color selections for paint, interior and exterior. Some color consultants can also help you select product colors for all related building materials on your project.
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Areas where a color consultant will be a valuable asset:
From selecting paint colors to helping with marketing and product development, a trained color consultant can help in the following are areas where color decisions need to be made:

  • Architecture (exterior color choices, for any specified materials)
  • Interiors (interior color choices, all materials)
  • Business (marketing and product development)

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Do you do more than select paint colors?
Because all materials—natural and man-made—have color, everything is subject to a color decision. In a building, this includes roofing, siding, stone work, and interior materials. It all has to work together.

Do I have to use one brand of paint if I work with you?
No. There are many fine quality paint products on the market. We are not limited to using one brand of paint in your project. We just want to get the best result possible!

Do you have personal favorite colors?
For my own home, yes.  But the consulting process is about making unbiased recommendations based on my expertise combined with your preferences, lifestyle or business requirements, and knowledge about the functional and aesthetic application of color and the resulting human responses.

…and for exterior color?
Exterior color selections follow the same philosophy but include a somewhat different set of considerations.

In a development, or large scale residential or commercial project, there are additional concerns that will be included in both interior and exterior locations.

Do you work with other design professionals?
I enjoy the collaboration process and have often been asked to be a resource for interior designers, architects, builders, other decorative painters, and painters, whether it’s for a complete project color plan or as a “second opinion” to review their own color ideas. Interior designers and architects often present to their clients the value of using the services of a color consultant.
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How much does it cost?
Fees will vary between individuals and also in different parts of the country. Scope of service also affects the fee, which is usually hourly or per-project. Working with a qualified color consultant is similar to working with other experienced design professionals.

Can you work with me “long-distance?”
Yes, I have often worked with clients nationwide. Read this recent testimonial.
I would need your photos and perhaps some other materials as color reference. I do have a detailed questionnaire that long-distance clients complete prior to my beginning color work.
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