Do you know the cars of summer? But, Which Summer?

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Maybe it’s every summer, but in Ohio it’s a great assortment of beautiful colors on beautiful vintage cars that represent some of the colors of summer, and of adventure.Chevy 57

Hi there, can I interest you in a great summer car color?

That’s a classic color, for sure (O.K., so I’m from Minnesota!)
Check out the upholstery!  What a beautiful job.

chevy upholstery

Step inside, take a ride!

Maybe you’d prefer red?

Red CHevy

Hot, and Hotter!

Or, is it Cool, and Cooler?  We didn’t see any Yellow cars that day, though…
Purple car

classic blue and white
Classic blue and white palette

classic chevy blue white

Going back in time a bit…

Red Oldie

Red was probably not the original color.

red ford

But isn't it gorgeous?

What’s a car show without an essential, basic, and beautiful green?



There’s something about the quality of the paint job.
All these colors are so deep, you can look into them for miles. Some have embedded metallic within the layers of the finish.turq shinyShiny, Bright, and Brilliant.

brightest blue

And last but certainly not least..the original.

antique jeep

Original version, complete with real, very historic, embellishment.

How will you use these colors?  Please share your inspirations!




3 Responses to “Do you know the cars of summer? But, Which Summer?”

  1. Lisa Vail

    This is my favorite post ever (and I like all your post so that says a lot!) You help us learn about color in the most entertaining and accessible ways!

  2. bjacobs

    Lynne, and others, thanks so much for following my blog and reading, and your kind words and comments! Thanks also for your compliment on my photos. As we used to play the travel game with our kids, “I spy with my little eye…” so it goes for me and photos. I just try go capture a feeling and some kind of quality that appeals to me personally.


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