ClearHues™ Glass Tiles 3 Collections

ClearHues™ Glass Tiles
3 Collections

 ClearHuesClearly Colorful Glass
Enjoy the ultimate “glow of color” experience.

To complement your paint color selections, I’ve created a variety of glass tile offerings using three types of glass materials.  As with my EcoHues Full Spectrum Paint and Silk Road Weaves fine Tibetan rugs, collaboration with fine artisans is key in being able to offer you this unique combination of decorative elements. Try any of the ClearHues glass tiles for a unique and practical look in your kitchen or bathroom floors, walls, ceiling, backsplashes, and accents.

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Inspirations: Recycled Glass blends
Made from pre-consumer auto-windshield glass, these come with 3rd-party certification for your LEED projects.


Crystal Images
Our own embedded images in these unique glass tiles, available in many sizes for walls, ceilings, countertops, even floors!

Artful Mosaics: SUNSET- Detail


Artful Mosaics
Any surface is a likely location for our own spectacular designs in glass for your walls, ceilings, even floors. See our color-field designs and original rug designs from Silk Road Weaves, transformed in this new medium. Your commercial and residential locations will take on an artistic quality. Ask about LEED-qualification for these tiles.

Discover + Create + Play + Use  = Enjoy!
Use EcoHues Full Spectrum Paint colors—alone, or with the 1” Inspirations recycled glass blends, Crystal Images glass tile, and Artful Mosaics. Mix and match, an array of options will unfold. I hope you enjoy using these materials as much as I enjoy creating them!

I’m always happy to personally answer any questions you have about working—and playing—with the inspiring new collections in the EcoHues Décor system.

“Get the picture!”
What will your tiles look like with our Full Spectrum Paint colors? Order any of our colors in 8″x10” hand painted color cards to complement your tile selections. You can make the order for everything at the same time.

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