Coordinate rugs, glass tile, full spectrum paints

Coordinate rugs, glass tile, full spectrum paints

Drifting Bronze

Brushworks: BrushStrokes - Drifting Bronze - wool + silk

Silk Road Weaves™: fine hand made Tibetan rugs –collections and custom

Eco Hues Décor is the perfect place for our own designs of fine hand knotted Tibetan rugs.
You might already be familiar with our own Silk Road Weaves collections.

Now you can select EcoHues Full Spectrum Paints and even tile that are the perfect complement to our collections of design for the floor and give focus to your space. As a member of GoodWeave, we are proud to guarantee that there is No child labor used in any product from Silk Road Weaves.  Find out about this, and see a slide show on how our rugs are made.  Then, check out the “green rugs” info on our site.

Choose the best paint color to complement your rug selections.
TIP: open the EcoHues Gallery of Color in a new browser window and see the Full Spectrum Paint colors along with the rug designs.

Is it a rug, or another application?  Now we offer a new twist on our rug designs!
It’s a bathroom?  A kitchen?  A swimming pool?  Maybe you have a hotel lobby, club, spa or restaurant?

We now offer the amazing capability of creating our own unique rug designs and  GLOW Mosaic colorways in Artful Mosaic tiles! Offering various kinds of mosaic tiles that will suit your needs from walls and ceilings to countertops and floors, we can re-create our own rug designs or make a custom design that suits you personally…perfectly!

With help from our friends who specialize in the fabrication of fine mosaic tile production, we can get this done for you in the most professional manner.

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