Fine Art Gallery

Fine Art Gallery

Welcome to the gallery for my personal art work. The images you will see here are works that I have done simply for my own inspiration and pleasure. They were not done as commissioned pieces that, as such, would have been based on the requirements of others.

While there are not a large number of pieces represented here, they are of a wide variety. Simple and minimalist; highly textured and dimensional; direct-printed and mixed media; combined digital and physical media…I love to explore in color, shape, texture, various materials; vision, subject, and more.

For the most part they are a smaller scale. But the digital versions are scaleable, which is just part of the beauty and interest of working in a digital (or partially digital) medium.

Color and layering have always held a great fascination for me, even back (a long time ago!) when I was in art school. I’m finding it interesting actually that some of the things that inspired my work at that time are resurfacing in very different ways these days, yet that memory somehow remains and is expanded.

I will continue to add work as it seems appropriate and as I am inspired to do so. If you are a gallery owner or manager, or you wish to purchase a piece, please contact me directly with your inquiry.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy what you see. You are invited to comment and ask questions and I am happy to answer as much as possible.

New: you can order any of my art and design work custom printed on paper, canvas, and more. Have an adventure: order your favorite images custom printed on home furnishings and personal items like tote bags, cell phone cases, and even greeting cards! When you’re looking at them online you can see what the products will look like printed.

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