Floors are colors, Too!

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For the most part, paint color consultants are concerned primarily with specifying color for ceilings, walls, trim, and other architectural details. Even so, (we) paint color consultants also consider the colors and textures of floors, since those surfaces are a big factor in how we all perceive any space in its entirety. In fact the colors and textures of floors will always affect the wall and ceiling colors we select.

I was recently inspired by seeing some particularly beautiful floor coverings and flooring materials, and wanted to share them with you. So, here’s a quick overview of a few that inspired me personally.

Hard Surface Materials
Wood, stone, tile, concrete, natural linoleum? Consider the various materials, colors and  texture, and how they are all related.

Wood is always a beautiful choice and the new, high quality engineered products are a good choice.

A floor only stains and finishes as well as the type of wood you start with.

A beautiful example, from Finland, in a gorgeous gray.

Silverwood flooring

Silverwood: Impresario - Color: Stonewashed Volcanic Ash

Silverwood site - COllins - smoked ash ancient white

Silverwood - Smoked Ash Ancient White


Silverwood site_Junkers - black oak smoked- Variation-2-strip -oil finish

More gorgeous "smoked finish" woods from Silverwood

Made in Finland, Karelia floors from Silverwood Flooring feature a thick 4mm veneer over a Quarter Sawn Nordic Spruce core for ultimate stability. Karelia is offered in a multi-strip, 5.4” or 7.” wide format. This series is available in multiple finishes including lacquer and a 100% vegetable oil. Perfectly milled square edge product suitable for floating (click) or glue down installation including over radiant heat. (description from Silverwood.com)

Full Plank wood from Carlisle is great way to achieve a unique look, with a US-sourced product.
Carlisle describes Hickory like this: “…Hickory is tough and handsome, with a tensile strength that rivals steel and a surface appearance long admired by woodworking purists and cabinetmakers.”

Carlisle hickory Floor

Hickory, from Carlisle - lots of personality!

Wood patterns in Parquet, which Carlisle can make in a variety of patterns.


The artistry involved in making parquet flooring first emerged during the Baroque era of the early 1600’s.

Light floors can add light to a room, even if you don’t have a wall of windows.

ash floor

Floors and sky are the feature in this spacious open, contemporary room

Concrete, a truly decorative and durable floor product. From funky to glamorous; old-world to contemporary and smooth to patterned or textured, it’s a multi-use material that invites your creativity.
A few examples, from Scofield Decorative Concrete.

fire station floor

Pretty "hip" for a fire station kitchen!

what is it? concrete or leather?

Is this concrete or leather and pebbles?

stained concrete floor

Five colors were used in this stained concrete floor.

Natural and Biostatic: Marmoleum Linoleum
Made from natural raw materials, including linseed oil, pine rosins, and wood flour, Marmoleum is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It’s antimicrobial properties make it the perfect health care flooring. Of course it’s also great for a home!

There are so many ways you can be creative with this product. A few examples here are from Forbo – Marmoleum

Forbo Marmoleum

Forbo: Marmoleum - Rusting Leaves

VIbrating copper

Forbo: Marmoleum - Vibrating Copper.

Forbo Marmoleum

For more drama you can always get really creative with this product.


Forbo Marmoeum

Floor color speaks volumes -- and in this case, surfaces.

Forbo Maromoleum

Forbo: Marmoleum "Click"

Other interesting flooring (and paneling) materials worth considering
Durapalm: Palmwood -another great reason to love coconut water!


What they say: "Palmwood flooring makes coconut water worthwhile".

Durapalm flooring

I have some cooking utensils like this, but never before thought of it for the floor!

Cork: beautiful colors and textures in sound-absorbing, comfortable surfacing.

cork flooring

Cork is well known as a versatile floor material that comes in a variety of colors and natural patterns.

Check out DuroDesign for great ideas texture and color, in cork and bamboo.

Duro Design drama
Drama with cork from Duro Design
DuroDesign-Edipo Bleach White

Cork comes in many patterns, also. This is DuroDesign-Edipo Bleach White


I love the deep mossy color of DuroDesign: Cleopatra Negra Steel Green

Carpet Tiles
Looking for a softer solution to floor surfaces? Durable, beautiful, varied, with seemingly infinte options whether you do it yourself or get professional help. You can even explore designing your own patterns on their web site.

Flor pattern

From the Patterns group of FLOR carpet tiles

FLOR graphic

FLOR: Graphic Pattern

FLOR squares

More from FLOR

If you’re into painted floors…
You can either yourself, or hire a decorative artist to do the creative and installation processes. You’ll have a universe of creative options at your disposal.


painted wood floor

Large "marble squares" painted on wood kitchen floor. Wood floor and wall finishes by Barbara Jacobs. Photo by Barbara Jacobs

painted floor by Bj

This kitchen floor in an antique home received a decorative floor finish painted by Barbara Jacobs. Photo by Barbara Jacobs

detail floor from back entry to house

Detail view of painted floor, from the back entrance to the kitchen.

One example of balancing floor and wall colors
In this project, the color of the tile floor dominated the space and made the clients uncomfortable. It could not be changed so we modified the effect with wall color.

floor tile and wall color

Dominant floor tile color is balanced with a rich, earthy wall color.

Future: Natural stone, tile, and soft surface flooring
A future post will address more inspirational options, from the various types of machine-made carpeting in a variety of materials to hand knotted area rugs.

Are you FLOORED yet?
Please let me—and other readers—know your favorites, and your thoughts about using purposeful color on floors.
Your comments are always welcome!

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  1. kristie@thedecorologist

    I love the variety of flooring that you shared. I used that FLOR abstract pattern rug you showed in a client’s rec room a couple of months ago. It’s funny that most people don’t take the “color” of their flooring into account when putting a room together, unless it’s a rug/carpet. Great post!


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