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GoodWeave is a unique organization.
In fact, there are many individual qualities about that are unique.

The focus of GoodWeave is to end illegal child labor in the rug industry. In addition, their mission includes rescuing children from enslavement, and providing education and a better quality of life. A portion of each sale of every GoodWeave certified rug goes toward this goal.

Goodweave one in a million

The GoodWeave mission of freedom from slavery includes rescue, and education of the children.

Just a few the unique ways GoodWeave helps both sides of the equation

  • Provides a resource destination for people who want to help others
  • Provides a way for artists and designers to connect
  • Provides a way for artists to showcase their rug designs, and helps with the business side of artistic rug design
  • Creates an opportunity to enrich the lives of weavers and their families, while enriching the lives of rug customers.
  • From the standpoint of what I like to call “The Human Connection,” Customers of GoodWeave-member rug companies can have the confidence that while enjoying a beautiful work of art for their floors, they are making a positive contribution to the lives of the people who have made the rugs they purchased.

Just last week, aired a brief but meaningful news report on child slavery in the rug industry and GoodWeave’s significant place in working to end these conditions. I hope you take the time to view it.
The video appeared in  World Business Today.



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