Got Color? No More Neutrals…Get Gaudi!

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A long winter..”neutrals” got you down? Fret no longer, Get energized with Gaudi.

Antonio Gaudi

No, it's not a dragon—it's a building. From: Complete works: Gaudi / by Aurora Cuito, Cristina Montes. This image from the book is by Pere Planells

Exquisite photography and detailed descriptions of sites provide a compelling entree into the Gaudi world. As an architectural color consultant I particularly enjoy Gaudi’s bold, personal style of color in architecture. I’m happy to have the English edition so I can actually read the text!

Next stop…Barcelona!

2 Responses to “Got Color? No More Neutrals…Get Gaudi!”

  1. debra disman

    Having been to Barcelona, walked in Parc Guel (SP?) and experienced Gaudi first-hand…I am thrilled and awed by this image! Thank you for posting!!!


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