Happy Colors Inspire a Rainy Day

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Here we are in Boston, chilly and rainy. Finally, some water–it’s appreciated. But thinking of colors today, here’s a bit of what comes to mind:

Remember “Don’t Worry, be Happy?”  Sometimes hard to do these days, but looking at this helps make it  possible!

Japanese bike saying happy things

Happy Bike!

In case you can’t read the fine print, the saying on the bike is this (and please note: it’s NOT a typo)!

Benny present mellow breezy cycle to you!
Happy Life match your good sense!

In a different medium, it’s inspiring to look at and handle the beautiful wool and silk colors, and all manner of paint and surfacing colors. Here are few of the silk poms that I enjoy using with other materials in developing designs for Silk Road Weaves Tibetan rugs.

Silk Yarns - for silk road weaves rugs

Here come the silks!

Speaking of materials, mixing colors  has always been a pleasure.  Whether it’s using fine pastels–basically ground pure pigment–or liquid tints for any medium from varnish to paint, colors always give a lift.

Mixol - the best tint for many media

Love that Mixol!

Inspiration for interior and exterior color decisions, and for many color design projects, often comes from the materials themselves.

Best wishes for a Happily Inspired  Colorful Day with many more to come!

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  1. Julie


    I am a little behind on my reading, but I just picked up your blog from last March – “Making a Match – or not!”. You provide great perspective on the importance of context with color – light, space and adjacent color. All of those factors are why it is so important to sample color, and to do so in multiple locations in the room.
    Keep up the good work!


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