Dear Barbara,
We can not thank you enough for the your excellent work in selecting the exterior paint colors for our home.  For the last two years, we have avoided painting the house due to the difficult task of picking the right colors and determining where to place the various colors.

Engaging your services was priceless and the digital renderings are absolutely worth the investment.  We loved seeing what the house would look like before it was even painted.  Our painter has used the image as his own blueprint for painting the house.  It truly is a must-have, and the end product looks practically just like the digital image.  It certainly put a complete end to the debate over colors that we have had a couple!

I also cannot thank you enough for the ongoing support and recommendations you shared throughout the painting process as we made some tweaks to address the nuances of a 130 year old Queen Anne Victorian home with many additional structures (additions to the main house, carport, garage, and treehouse) to consider in the complete design.

We are the talk to the town thanks to your guidance on paint colors and placement.  I recommend this process and working with you to bring the project to life.  To quote my hubby who is very difficult to win over, “Well, I have to admit, hiring her was the right call.  I’m actually enjoying this process.”
P.S.  The boys LOVE the tree house paint colors.

Many Thanks,
–The White Family
Swarthmore, PA
Private residence, exterior color consult with digital image process

I lived with a drab house for close to 15 years so when it came time to paint my modest three-story Victorian I wanted something that popped. I called Barbara on the advice of a friend and immediately realized that she could see beyond color chips. She considered the shape of the house, the number of windows, the colors and condition of the existing foundation and roof, even the neighbors house. Things that weren’t on my radar. She offered a color scheme I could dial up or down for drama or detail and when we were in the midst of painting and I had a quick question, she responded immediately.

 It is a pleasure working with Barbara. Knowing that the colors she selects will be right the first time saves time, money and late night paint chip angst. If you’ve ever painted and repainted a wall because the color didn’t work, you will appreciate Barbara and her spot-on color skills. I was so thrilled with her work on the exterior of my house, I hired her to help me select the finishes for my kitchen renovation.

Brookline, Mass.
Exterior house colors, and interior renovation consulting

Barbara, we’re so happy to have worked with you. You’re very easy to work with and we appreciated your willingness to meet with us anywhere that was convenient for us, always keeping our personalities in mind when suggesting colors or designs. Since moving into our new home, we have had several compliments on all of our color choices, particularly the paint and tile backsplash in the kitchen.  Our house feels very comfortable, and has felt like home to us from the day we moved in.

Annie and Scott
Acton, Mass.
Colors and Finishes selections for new home

Hi, Barbara –

What I’ve been telling people about you is that my previous image of color consultants was they’re an opinionated, condescending, elitist lot interested in boosting their egos much more than being helpful. However, I found you to be funny, complimentary, friendly, and all around delightful, with an excellent eye for color and the ability to translate your skills to those not blessed with such perception.

– J.C.
Boston, Mass.
Private residence, interior colors

We just got around to using your paint color, Fieldstone,  after about a year. how wonderful and what a wonderful difference full-spectrum makes. How the tones blend and change with the light. The richness! Says my skeptical wife: “Now I will never use anything else.”

Lexington, Mass.
Private residence, interior colors
EcoHues Full Spectrum Paint

Barbara, thank you so much for your help from the very beginning. Your participation was critical—by truly understanding our design philosophy and business mission, and by actively participating in our brainstorming sessions with our designer and contractor. You have truly helped us create a haven from today’s hectic lifestyle.Your help was invaluable in achieving an environment that truly astounds our customers. And they come back again, and again, and again to experience our environment and product. We could not have done it without you!

—Paul Fullarton, Owner
Samovar Tea Lounge
San Francisco, CA
Color design and decorative finishes: 3 locations

The question is, ‘Color is the first impression someone has. Does it fit?’ My answer is: It’s Spectacular! Really, Really, REALLY came out great! It’s not the same house at all. It’s that dramatic !  The house has always been ‘one of a kind,’ and now it looks it. I tried numerous times to pick colors but it was never really right. Anyone could have painted the house but not just anybody could have picked the colors like this. The colors you picked are Perfect!

Arlington, Mass.
Residence, Exterior color design

My husband and I had spent the last 3 years renovating our Victorian house and were finally nearing the end.

Deciding on what colors to paint the walls felt overwhelming.  Barbara arrived with beautiful paint samples (with incredible names) and together we quickly made selections for most of the house.  From Ellen Kennon’s “Gustavian Gray” in our master bedroom to “Dusk” for the nursery to EcoHues “Spring Showers” for the ceiling in the foyer, it all came together perfectly.

The paint colors are perfect for each room and we couldn’t be happier with the results.  Barbara also helped with selecting the exterior trim color to complement our new shingles as well as the incredible blueish-purple color for the ceiling of the front and back porch.

Working with  you was a great experience. Thank you Barbara!

— Jane and Nate
Brookline, Mass
Residential Color consultation

Barbara Jacobs is not only a top artist but also a color designer “par excellence.” I had the pleasure of having her as my student in the IACC Academy’s Interdisciplinary Education/Accreditation program, which she more than successfully finished to achieve the IACC International Diploma that also required a thesis.

Barbara’s understanding of human response to the architectural environment, and also the way she incorporates it into her color designs in an aesthetic and scientific manner, are truly impressive. This is one of the reasons that her work was exhibited at the 50th anniversary of the IACC Academy after a stringent IACC jury selection that included the works of North-American, European and Japanese IACC designers.  Barbara’s work has received the honor of permanent inclusion in the IACC international exhibitions. Her expertise is an asset–a must–to the creation of any architectural environment.

—Frank H. Mahnke
President IACC International
President IACC Academy

 I just want to let you know how much I love working with you!  As an interior designer, it is so important to have a network of fine artisans that are able to enhance and build upon my initial ideas.  You are someone I can always count on for innovative, creative ideas that are beautifully executed.  Also, it is terrific to work with someone who is not only creative and artistic, but also professional.  This is a rare combination of qualities that I especially value.

—Carolyn C. Anderson
Heritage Design Group/Anusara Home
Residential interior design: color and decorative finishes

I never imagined a favorite piece of art would be something underfoot in my home; Barbara Jacobs introduced me to that perspective.  Everything about the process of working with Barbara–from discovering her through an HGTV.com article, to repeatedly submitting and receiving color and texture samples, to supporting RugMark and adult-labor artisans in Nepal, and finally seeing a CD including my own possession in the making–provided me with a delightful treasure which I enjoy every day.  My original concern with the idea of long-distance communication proved to be unfounded, as Barbara gave thorough, accurate presentations of each aspect of the venture–including color and design features without ever actually seeing the intended location for the rug–listening to my input and refining ideas to fit my individual home setting.  If opportunity arises, Barbara and I will walk the “Silk Road” again!

K. Simmons
Custom rug: Silk Road Weaves

 Working with you was a true joy.  Picking out colors for our home had been very confusing and overwhelming,and you helped take the confusion out of color selection process and opened up our eyes to color choices we never would have thought of using.  We appreciated how easy it was to work with you, and how carefully you listened to our wants and needs.  You helped create an environment in our home that is colorful, yet not overwhelming.  You’re a true gem!

Boston area
Residential interior color design

I found Barbara’s number through the web and I am totally thrilled with the results! Prior to working with Barbara, my love of color had always led to paint choices that I became dissatisfied with after only a short time, and rooms that had no continuity.After attempting it on my own several times, I contacted Barbara for help with colors in my condo. She is easy to work with, free-flowing with creative ideas and has a great attention to detail.

I recommend working with Barbara,  to anyone interested in – once and for all – decorating with color and getting it RIGHT!!!

Boston, South End
New York, NY
Residential interior color design, 2 condos

We are grateful to have had your expertise enhance our home and know that it won’t be long before we call upon your services again when we focus on other areas of the house. In the meantime, thank you for the wonderful communication we had while working together, your thoroughness and complete professionalism. Congratulations on delivering such outstanding services!

Sudbury, Mass.
Residential interior color design – and custom rug: Silk Road Weaves

I would describe Barbara as a gourmet colorist! Not only is she a great designer, but she is an example of a true fine artist. Barbara exemplifies professionalism in every sense of the word. Her strength is being able to visualize and create interesting environments by incorporating color and design trends, techniques and materials in fresh and innovative ways. She is able to achieve amazing results by mixing colors in a way that will personalize and unify a space, while giving it personality!

—Linda Jacobson
Designer, San Francisco
Design associate: color and decorative finishes

The only comment anyone has made about the color choices that Barbara lead me to is:
“How beautiful.”  Seems easy to do, but I was never able to do so on my own—for more than 55 years.
The results and benefits are genuine and long lived.
Belmont, Mass.
Residential color design: interior and exterior

Barbara’s ability to enhance your enjoyment of a room by her color consultation is wonderfully on point. She is expert at increasing professional productivity by creating appropriate color combinations for work environments. Her new rugs are a dream combination of colors, textures and style for contemporary living — like a piece of art on the floor. If your aesthetic senses need some direction, Barbara is the consultant for you.

—Lisbeth Wiley Chapman, owner

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