The process is similar for exterior and interior color work

One client’s experience

“I lived with a drab house for close to 15 years, so when it came time to paint my modest three-story Victorian I wanted something that popped.

I called Barbara on the advice of a friend and immediately realized that she could see beyond color chips. She considered the shape of the house, the number of windows, the colors and condition of the existing foundation and roof…Read More

Color makes the difference
If you’ve gotten this far you already believe that color makes the most difference in how your home looks—both to you and to others.

NEW! Designer Color Palettes
This new service includes digital image views of the photos of your house or building that you send us. See it with new paint colors before you paint!

About fees
It’s not the actual square-foot size of the home that makes the difference, but the architectural detail and number of color choices I provide.

Fees apply to my initial project review and palette selections, phone meetings with you and studio time when I am here working with all the relevant colors and materials. Sometimes there is product sourcing, sample acquisition, etc. that you might need, beyond my selecting paint colors. You will be notified in advance for approval of any shipping or other similar fees for such items that would add to the final project cost.

Two types of consultation service
Details about Color-Quick and Full-Service Consultation


  1. I receive your information, and then confirm your project by phone or email.
  2. You send payment: either by mail, or email and PayPal  (I can tell you how to do that)
  3. I check in with you if I have further questions
  4. I compile my color ideas and reply to you with the results
  5. You will receive the manufacturer paint sheets in the mail directly from manufacturer, in about 1 week’s time from my requesting them.  This cannot be expedited.
  6. If you have requested digital views of how your house will look painted, I’d do it at this time.
  7. If you have requested digital imaging, this is when you respond to the general color palette.
  8. Then, this is when you receive notation from me either directly on your images or in a separate “paint plan” document that outlines the Brand, Color, and suggested finish for each color and each area on your building.
  9. If you take pictures after the work is done, I’d love to see them! A walk-around video is also good!

So many colors, so little time…how to decide.
Another client’s letter to me tells his story like this

He asks: “Color is the first impression someone has. Does it fit?” And he answers: “It’s Spectacular! Really, Really, REALLY came out great! It’s not the same house at all. It’s that dramatic !” He continues, “the house is ‘one of a kind,’ and now it looks it. I tried numerous times to pick colors but it was never really right. Anyone could have painted the house but not just anybody could have picked the colors like this. The colors you picked are Perfect!”


  • Your photos
  • Other materials as described above, including magazine pictures, paint chips, etc.
  • Your completed Color Profile Questionnaire
  • Elevations: pdf in 8-1/2” x 11” format jpg or pdf (for digital color renderings only)
  • Payment by check or paypal . Contact me to confirm pay-to email address (add $25 for paypal service)
  • Any other material items you wish to send

Let me know your preference of service by phone (508-472-8105) or email.
You’ll receive a link to the Color Profile Questionnaire form to complete and submit online or print and mail with your payment check.
Paypal is the preferred payment method.

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