Color Psych

Color Psychology

The Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Supportive Color Design, and Applied Color Psychology
Color is Integral to all aspects of our lives–wherever we go, whatever we do!
That’s why many years ago (“way back” in 2000), I selected this domain, “” Whether it’s Interior or Exterior, in any environment, wherever we go we respond to color just as we respond to smells and tastes. But these important, far-reaching effects of color are often underestimated.

My approach to selecting colors for your home decorating, and interior-and-exterior design considers all these areas, and much more.

Architectural color gives context and appeal to our buildings from the outside.

  • In a development, colors can create pride of ownership.
  • Color adds uniqueness to a building that otherwise would be bland.

Color is important to us personally in our homes and in the places where we work. You might even have noticed personally how you feel in a particular kind of color space.

A keen understanding of the function of color is essential, selecting colors that relate to your

  • lighting
  • shape of the space
  • personal goals
  • business goals

For business owners, color makes a difference in product development, and business marketing and branding.

For every project: Ergonomics and function affect your goals.
As an IACC Accredited Color Consultant/Designer, my main concerns for every project:

  • design with visual ergonomics in mind
  • satisfy the functional requirements of the environment or the object.
  • consider the qualities of basic human responses to color in both the physical and the psychological realms, in addition to aesthetics and harmony

To sum up “Supportive Color Design”

  1. Our preferences for various colors stem in part from personal memories and emotions.Colors carry a tremendous emotional appeal and influence.
  2. While a “mood” is a transitory phase, our emotional states are more long term.
  3. That is why, in our places of work, at home, and even in recreational environments, we’ll benefit from combinations of colors that will help us achieve our goals—from relaxation, to study and concentration, to more active work performance.

Start now to apply color psychology and Supportive Color Design in your own home or business.

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