Creating the finishing touch: Our specialty is creating unique, artistic wall designs.
For over 20 years we have created color surfaces for walls, floors, furniture, and accessories using glaze, Venetian Plaster, and many other faux finishing techniques. Our own system, The Metropolitan Collection™, is a new concept in decorative finishing.

During this time we have had wonderful opportunities to work with a variety of products and explore and develop a wide range of traditional and creative techniques including glazing, color wash, ragging, additive and subtractive methods, strie, blocking, frottage, stippling, troweling, Venetian Plaster, and of course our own innovative methods of creating interesting surfaces, both visual and textural.

These are some of the decorating elements we can use to create the best finish for your project.

We use the highest quality environmentally friendly water-based products. For you this means fewer aromas of lingering paint fumes and an even greater variety of beautiful finishes that will add life to your interiors.

How to choose–simple or complex?
Whether it’s a boldly patterned design or an subtle overall tonal coloration, we will guide you and create the combination of color + design that will bring the artistic solution that best suits your site, budget, and design style for your residential or commercial setting.

See actual examples
Contact us to see additional portfolio work and actual samples, and to see how our unique group of finishes, The Metropolitan Collection-a new concept in decorative finishing, can fit your requirements for economical finishes that are beautiful and easy to live with.

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Wine room ceiling:
Three-color tinted plaster.

Is it really "faux?"
The original use of  the term "Faux" refers to the type of paint artistry known as "Trompe l'Oeil" (French for "fool-the-eye"), the painted replication of wood, stone, metal, or other materials and objects.
These days the term "faux finishes" usually refers to a more general style of painting that includes a wide variety of decorative finishing techniques and looks.
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