Glazing and “Broken Color” Techniques
Create subtle or dramatic interest. Atmospheric, translucent layered colors blend harmoniously through the eye of the viewer.

Mineral Finishes
Combined mineral powders are hand-burnished for a luminous satin glow or brushed texture. The sophisticated result is subtle, bold, dramatic.

Faux and Trompe l’Oeil Wood, Stone, and Leather
These painted finishes replicate natural woods, marble, stone, leather, or other materials in areas where installing the actual materials may not be practical.

From metallic accents on furniture to entire walls, interior or exterior, historic or contemporary style, gilding can be done in a number of ways and with a great variety of leaf and powder materials.

Murals and Friezes
Whether you are looking for imagery that is whimsical or serious, our imaginative concept development and artistic execution complement your corporate culture or personal design and lifestyle interests.

Textures, Mixed Media, and Special Effects

  • Glowing mineral and soft metallic finishes
  • Tinted varnishes
  • Antique patina
  • Embedded and embossed motifs
  • Distressing and use of waxes and natural pigments

These are just a few of the exciting possibilities.

Venetian Plaster for Extraordinary Surfaces
A hand-troweled finish: matte or burnished, contemporary or antique in style. Modulated color and designs can be incorporated into this remarkable work for an authentic looking fresco or stone-like finish on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces.