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Putting it all together

Thanks for your interest in Designer Color Palettes™.
This is where you can place your order for all our DCP™ services, including

  • Seeing your own color selections—or colors that we have selected for you—on one or more images you’ve provided of the interior or exterior of your home or other building.
  • Eliminating unsightly objects from your photo-view.
  • Getting professional help with full consultation services online.

The process

  1. Select the DCP services you want at this time
  2. You will be able to define every area of your home or other building where you want to see new color changes.
  3. Enter your total (estimated)  amount of requested services in the noted space.
  4. We’ll send you a corresponding invoice from Paypal that shows the actual total amount due.
  5. Upon receipt of your payment, we will ask you to upload the images you want processed.
  6. We’ll confirm your order and let you know when it’s all set

Options are included below. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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4. The areas of my building that I want to see color changes on are described here.
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NOTE: I understand that each DCP service (One, Two, and Three) includes processing one exterior or interior view image that I will provide. Additional views I want to see are an option that I can select in Item 5.

5. I am requesting the following services
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I have already chosen colors and will let you know what they are.

DCP-Two, consult option: Add to DCP-One
I would like Barbara to recommend up to 3 additional variations on my original color selections in DCP-One, using some of the colors I have already selected.

DCP-Three: Full consultation service
Please select all that apply.

6. Options
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7. Number of images (views) I want to upload at this time.
I understand that one image/view (that I have checked below, as 1) that I will provide is included with any of the above 3 levels of DCP service, and that all others will be additional, as described above.
The total number of images I will want to upload for processing, including the original one included with service, is:

8. Option: add these photo corrections
I understand that since this is a custom service, I can order different (or no) corrections for any image submitted.
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About digital color - read the details here.



I will provide an impartial perspective on your project, helping you create supportive spaces...

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