Classes and Events

Classes and Events

Upcoming Classes and other Special Events
NEW for 2015-2016!

New Class Offering: The How-to of Custom Rug Design
Enjoy this unique, 2-session special workshop for designers, architects, and a/d students

The ability to create and source a custom decorative element for a client’s home is what makes a trained interior decorator invaluable. Join Barbara Jacobs of Silk Road Weaves to experience the exciting creative process–and the luxurious results–of creating a custom Tibetan rug.

In this 2-part hands-on workshop, Barbara will guide you through the fascinating selection of indigenous materials and the manufacturing processes that makes a hand knotted Tibetan rug from Nepal such a special work of functional art. Enjoy working with the sumptuous colors of Himalayan wool, silk, and Allo yarns as you create your own customized version of a design prepared by Barbara for your use.

You’ll go home with your own high quality, hand knotted 12″ x 18″ sample of your customized design.  As with all rugs from Silk Road Weaves, your own sample will be made only by the most experienced adult artisans. We’re a member of and thus guarantee there is NO child labor used in any of our rugs—including the rugs we make for you, in this class or otherwise.

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 Colorful Program Offerings for Your Organization

Color accounts for 60% of our response to a place or a product!
Members of your organization can attend one of my color programs to find out about using color to their best advantage in their homes or places of business.

As a  fully accredited IACC color consultant, my focus is using a process of supportive color design to help you achieve your goals for any kind of home or business space—even the products you design.

The world of Color and how we can use it is a subject that can be adapted for audiences of design students, homeowners, business owners and design professionals. A few such topics are below.
Contact me to create a program about color
that is tailored to the interests of your group.

Sampling of Topics

Create a Full-Spectrum Environment from Floor to Ceiling
We know that we perceive color as reflected light. A full-spectrum environment refers to using color in a way that promotes comfort on a level beyond what we see on the surface.

Color and the Individual
How does color affect us in our daily lives? This is a discussion of the meaning of color and colors, and what we can do as individuals to create productive and harmonious surroundings.

Using Color with Confidence
Suggestions for combining color, pattern, and texture in your home. Q&A is a big part of this presentation. Participants are encouraged to bring project photos for discussion.

Color: the Trends and Beyond
Where do the trends come from? Make use of trends in a practical and beneficial way.

Color Theory and Application: an overview
Basic color theory and a discussion of color use.

Supportive Color Design: What is it?
How can color help you meet your personal and business goals?
Tips for using color to your advantage in your home and place of business.

Color in Marketing: What’s your message?
How does your audience respond to your products and services? Make appearances count!

Integral Color Design: the big view
An approach to supportive color design, “Beyond the Trends.”

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