Design Philosphy

  • Design Philosophy

How do my design philosophy and fine rug construction go hand in hand?

  • Weaving my  philosophy of supportive color design throughout the collections
  • Luminous colors and tactile dimensions in exciting color and fiber selections

Silk Road Weaves™ is an extension of my background in fine arts and passion for textiles, combined with over 20 years in the field of color consultation for architecture and interiors and surface design.

  • Color is a design element that we all respond to, on many levels.
  • I love working with the inspiring colors and exciting materials that are available to create the collections in Silk Road Weaves.
  • This is my foundation for creating these unique hand knotted Tibetan rugs.

Customize any of our collection designs, and more…
Enjoy our expansive range of customization and design capabilities for

  • color
  • fiber combinations
  • texture
  • shape
  • size

You can also use our expertise to create a completely custom work of fine art for the floor inspired by your existing fabrics, furnishings, artwork or your own personal inspiration.

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