Floral Collection: explorations in wool, silk, allo.
FLORA includes two versions of Herbal Toss/Springing, Herbal Grafix, and Bouquet Sketch.

A note about the most recent additions to this collection: two custom rugs “Falling Leaves.”  The pair is a 5’x7′ rectangle, and an 8’x8′ octagon. The rectangle was made for the work area of the client’s kitchen (all wool, 100 knot), and the octagon was made to go under the round table in the adjacent dining area, on the other side of the peninsula.

Yes, we could have done it round, also, but wanted the octagon as a more interesting shape that was very compatible with the design style.

As with all our collections, these rugs can be customized to suit your personal space and style with size, color, and fiber preferences.
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