Process overview

  1. Phone 508-472-8105 or email me to discuss your project
  2. Fill out the form, send images or walk-through video – see instructions etc—show adjacent rooms is important
  3. During this meeting we’ll get acquainted. Focus on what you really want to accomplish in your space. We’ll talk about your design inspirations. For long-distance consult you can mail these to me as they are useful in helping  me understand your likes and dislikes.
  4. We’ll review your home with attention to all details. Then, with an idea of your needs and preferences for the spaces in question—and for your home in general—I’ll start to pull some color concepts together.

Your inspirational materials
Clients often mail to me—or bring to our meeting—an array of visual items such as magazine photos of interiors, and photos of any kind of product or item having colors they like (even foods). Tear sheets of furniture with fabric samples, and pictures of light fixtures, can also be useful items. I’ve even received fabric from sofa pillows, pieces of flooring, window blind fabrics, and roof shingles (this one for exterior color work).

Communication is key. I’ll touch base with you by phone or email to review color ideas with you.

How many color choices will I recommend for you?
The goal is to minimize your paint-store confusion.

  • From my initial wider range of selections I usually arrive at two to three color groups (palettes) for each space, some of which may be interchangeable between walls, accents, trim, ceilings.
  • Ultimately I will specify one overall color palette for Color-Quick, and additional colors for Full Service. (see the Fees chart for details)
  • Then you can test them in your home and look at the colors in your space(s).
  • I’ll let you know what to take a look at in your local paint store.
  • Looking at the selected colors in each area—with your furniture, considering the lighting, and next to adjacent room colors—will help define the final palette choices.
  • When I am at your home or business, doing this process with you alongside helps refine and adjust the color groups as we go along.


  • Your personal color and design preferences, your lifestyle, your home’s structure, and your needs for the space
  • Sometimes we want a consistent look from room to room that can be done with trim—and other times we will want to create a distinctly different look and feeling from room to room.

See larger color sheets before you paint
Once we have the final colors selected, I’ll order the largest paint sheets offered by the manufacturer of the paint companies we are considering. A few days later you will receive the color cards. I’ll be instructing you in the most effective way to test the actual paints, and to make your final decision.

For your Full-Service Consultation, I”ll be available by phone or email throughout the process in case you want to schedule a visit to confirm or change your selections once you start testing the colors.

Let this be your experience–a client comments
“Working with you was a true joy.  Picking out colors for our home was very confusing and overwhelming and you helped take the confusion out of color selection process and opened up our eyes to color choices we never would have thought of using.  You are easy to work with and listened carefully to our wants and needs.  You helped create an environment that is colorful, yet not overwhelming.  You are a true gem!”

On-Site color consultation Process

  1. Call or email to tell me about your home and schedule a meeting there.
  2. To begin, we’ll walk through your home and talk about your concerns, how you feel about your space(s) and your color experiences. It’s helpful to me and the process in general if you have given this some thought and even collected a variety of pictures from magazines (not necessarily of houses: they can be of anything with color that appeals to you), and we’ll look at any paint chips you might have collected.
  3. If you don’t have these items, it’s no problem at all. It’s just a further means for me to become acquainted with you and your lifestyle.
  4. You‘ll have the opportunity to tell me about any furnishings that are important in your setting. What “goes,” what’s staying, what you like best about furnishings, rugs, artwork, or anything else in your home.
  5. Plan for me to be at your home for a minimum of two hours.  Three to four hours is not uncommon to develop a color plan.  Larger or architecturally complex buildings can take longer.
  6. I’m there to filter and distill the best colors for you from all the many-thousands’ of paint colors that are available. In that process I’ll present you with a larger group, an overall color palette of warm, cool, and neutral colors for your home.
  7. I’ll be considering colors for your ceiling, walls, and trim(s) in each room. Each color in the final group will be noted for its destination.
  8. Part of what we will do together is to evaluate the selected colors in the various rooms and with all relevant furnishings, to get a sense of how they will look when adjacent rooms are painted.
    You’ll experience the harmony and balance of how the colors work together in the flow from room to room.
  9. I’ll give you tips for the best way to test colors in actual paint.
  10. When I return to my studio I’ll order the manufacturer’s paint sheets for you. Some companies have a reasonable fee for providing actual painted color cards, which we will discuss at our meeting.
  11. Paint sheets will be sent to you directly from the company. This usually takes around one week and can’t be expedited.
  • I highly recommend that you test the colors before painting. Don’t hesitate to call or email to discuss.
  • I’m happy to arrange a followup visit to confirm colors, and also to confer with your painter on-site if there are questions.
  • At your request, I’m happy to send you a follow-up email with all color plan specification notes: room location, and paint brand, color, finish.

Please let me know when the painting is done. I want to come by to take those fantastic “after” pictures!

Color-by-mail Interiors –  Step by Step

  1. I receive your information, and then confirm your project by phone or email.
  2. You send payment: either by mail, or email and PayPal  (I can tell you how to do that)
  3. I check in with  you if I have further questions
  4. I compile my color ideas and reply to you with the results
  5. You will receive your set of manufacturer’s paint sheets in the mail directly from the paint company in about 1 week’s time from my requesting them.  This cannot be expedited.
  6. If you have requested digital renderings for a view of how your house will look painted, I’d do it at this time.
  7. If you have requested digital imaging, this is when you respond to the general color palette.
  8. At this time, you receive notation from me either directly on your images or in a separate “paint plan” document that outlines the Brand, Color, and suggested finish for each color and each area on your building.

Take pictures after the work is done!  I’d love to see them. A walk-around video is also good.

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