Is it Physics, or Magic? How about Both!

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Believe it or not, I can actually be a bit reserved.

But now that I’ve seen other people call it “magic,” I will come out from behind my little curtain and say… “Yes!”

Actually, when clients become exuberant about “my magic paints” I’ve always replied,” Well, maybe not ‘magic.’  Maybe it’s Physics and Artistic Vision.”  OK, that’s my pragmatic side speaking.  But, however you want to describe it, Full Spectrum is a wonderfully beautiful and–dare I say it–the Most FUN and inspirational way to work with paint color!
Inspirational Color

Architect and interior designer Richard Morrison is also an enthusiastic advocate of Full Spectrum color, with Ellen Kennon Full Spectrum Paint as his stated favorite.  He describes it like this: “For many people, the difference between standard paint and full spectrum paint is like night and day.”

I could not agree more!

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8 Responses to “Is it Physics, or Magic? How about Both!”

  1. funcolors


    I totally agree that there is something magical about full spectrum color. Leaving out the black sounds like such a small, simple little thing. But it makes a HUGE difference!

    The other thing about designer-mixed full spectrum color is how the unique personality and style of the each color designer comes through via the whole palette.

    I can’t wait to see YOUR hand, eye for color, and style come through in YOUR full spectrum collection!


  2. Paula Doelling-Lynn

    Subtracting black makes the most significant difference. Just an itty bitty bit of black can muddy up a clear puddle of fresh water.

    Looking forward to your line in full spectrum, too.

    You and Ellen will create powerful hues together

  3. Kate

    Congrats on your the palette Barbara. I love my signature color in Ellen’s line and know your collection will be beautiful. Can’t wait to see all of the colors.

    • bjacobs

      Thanks very much, Kate, I appreciate your note! Silk Road Plum is my signature color in Ellen’s line. All the new colors are ‘in between’ many of her colors, nothing is the same as hers.


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