Linen-weave texture: made a mistake but now corrected

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Silly mistakes will happen. Most recently here: posting something by mistake, then deleting it to try to correct the error, then deciding to re-post.

This recent post was brought to my attention today by a friendly reader who wrote me an email that the page was no longer available.

What’s good about that? Now I can make it better.

What happened?
I’d posted an image of a decorative finish, a project in which I’d painted a linen-weave strie design in two colors, two layers. The problem was that I’d not included any info on the picture!

This can be a lovely way to create a hand-painted wall covering, using colors to create depth and interest.

How you do it
First layer, apply glaze evenly, blend, then drag vertically with a wallpaper brush. When it’s dry, do the second layer: the same process, different color, drag horizontally.

Tape off vertical sections and work in alternating areas. You will actually save some time because you can use a faster-drying glaze. By the time you work your way around the room you may be able to go back and do the 2nd layer. Granted, this may not work for all sizes and shapes of rooms but it is one way to do this process.

What’s your experience?
Have you made tech-errors that were embarrassing? On the other subject, have you tried DIY-decorative finishes that did not work out?

2 Responses to “Linen-weave texture: made a mistake but now corrected”

  1. Cathy

    I’m researching this method to re-create it in my office space above the chair rail and moulding. What colors did you use here?

    • Barbara Jacobs

      Since I have always mixed my own colors and glazes for any decorative finish, I can’t tell you a particular “color.” The best I can do is to advise you to explore and test.


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