Start to Make Some Colorful Changes in 2010

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Take a chance and make a big change!
Using Color—and Paint—is
widely known as the most cost-effective way to do it.
The antidote to Winter with vibrant hues from Ellen Kennon Full Spectrum Paints

An array of some more of the vibrant colors from Ellen Kennon Full Spectrum Paints

Whether you’re doing your own painting or hiring a professional painter, you’ll want to be using the paint that gives you the most color-per-can.

Simply put, color is reflected light. If there’s a black or gray tint in the paint-can-mixture, that means “color lost.”  Black, as ‘reflected light’ is a virtual dead space where color is concerned.

How to get the most ‘color-rich environment’ possible?
Use paint that is mixed with the full spectrum array of tints. Even in a color we’d typically call “neutral,” each can of color from Ellen Kennon Full Spectrum Paint includes the full component of spectral hues in tint form.  Most of the usual paint mixtures contain 3 (or sometimes 4) tint colors used, and normally include some black or gray even in the light colors.

But Ellen’s beautiful, high quality paint products will literally give you more actual Real Color per square foot!  Thus, not only are your living spaces more color-rich, you’ll also be surprised how much more easily you can select fabrics and accessories of many diverse colors, that look great in your new full-spectrum environment.

Get ready for making change with Color!

Find our more, and see more colors online at Ellen Kennon Full Spectrum Paint.

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