More Palettes – the Many Moods of Summer

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Here it is, only the end of July and yet it almost feels like “Summer” is over. Why is that? Time passes so quickly? Maybe it’s because we’re already seeing Fall fashions.

But wait, there’s more!’ (ok where have we heard that before?) It is still happening and in a typically glorious way, too.  So, not really after the fact—but rather in reflecting on recent memory both mental and visual—I wanted to present a few color palette ideas based on natural surroundings and a few other things, too. After all, the “Many Moods of Summer” includes a lot! It’s not all sailing, sunny, and roses…we have some moody and darkly mysterious moments also. That’s what adds the dimensional quality, it seems to me. So whether it’s for paint colors interior or exterior,  your home or your workplace, fashion, or just another view of the world, new color  palettes can offer new inspiration.

Obviously, like many of you I enjoy being inspired by color combinations that occur in nature. After all, that’s where it begins. There is of course the related risk of being redundant, or looking like a ‘copier.’ Yet, that’s not really been a problem for me. I just am inspired by and where inspiration strikes and, while I find it interesting to see what else is ‘out there,’ I’m  not really directed by the colors that others present.


Fresh warmth of yellow roses

Wake up to the sunny, fresh energy of yellows.

The perfect range of yellows in golden roses, golden glow.


Striated roses.

Is this just a local type of rose? I have no idea! But they’re beautiful.

I’ve never seen these before they popped up in our front yard! They elicit a smile every day.What a pleasure.

Another viewpoint of rose-inspired colors.

Another aspect of colors related to the same flowers.

Same flowers, different interpretation.


Multihued roses

Translucent, multicolored petals spike the imagination.

Looking past the most obvious view, the juicy-looking underside of another multicolored rose feels like sunset hues.

A different view of the same rose

Yet, such a different view from the top

View from above, the same brilliant flower!


Look past the subject, include the cool accents.

Cool accents included

Balance is key. As with many things, looking past the obvious adds dimension. In this case, it’s adding a little coolness from the surroundings.

Speaking of dimension and balance, a trip one day to Point Reyes offered this surprise, moody inspiration.

Peaceful color in Point Reyes

A softly misty morning has a peaceful quality.

And night skies provide a different kind of dramatic palette.

Night time view on the road.

Dramatic night skies


Beautiful Bark.

What is this? Bark on a tree. That is…Under the bark, the tree.

A more “neutral” style of palette is inspired here by the swirling growth patterns of the tree and it’s amazing colors and shapes.


Historic design.

Antique stencilled wood.

Pieces of antique wood taken from a historic building. Beautiful stencilled patterns and a lovely color combination that could create a mood that’s festive or calm. In person, of course, it’s even more impressive.

Back to a favorite place for long walks, this is a peaceful location. The view is from a bridge.

View from a bridge

View of this waterway taken from a bridge.

Similar, but each visit is a unique experience with something different to focus on. How can you not be inspired?

A different experience

Every visit to this area provides a different experience.

Another tree, another world, a completely different look. But that’s no surprise, just inspiring.

Tree bark

More Bark!

Back to the playground!

Playground structure

Fun in the Sun at the playground. A very straightforward palette just feels like playing outdoors.

So, with my usual caveat to not use these color selections as rules, or dictates, or even to recommend using them as you seem them together here, I hope you enjoy the combinations.

And as always, I invite your comments.

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