Mural, Mural on the wall…

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What is the most personal and long-lasting painting expression of all?

Foyer mural

Walk right in...and through the gate! I extended this foyer mural up the stairs to the 2nd floor.

What is a mural? Many things!
A surface, oil, pigment, acrylic, canvas, and…dreams, hopes, visions, heart, entertainment, education, personal expression, art, graphics, color, excitement, happiness, and…travels, transportation, outer space, meditation, contemplation, grand color, detail, and…large view, large scale, small niche…and
Communication, Interpretation, Expression…

It’s an act of faith.
I’m happy to present a collection of murals by 4 artists, all with different styles from each other, and each with his or her own way of working. In fact, each artist has a range of artistic styles to draw upon.

But I believe they share a common goal: to understand the needs and dreams of their patrons, the people commissioning their work. Whether the project is large or very small, creating a mural is all about YOU: your personal interests, dreams, fantasies. And you trust your artist to express all this, and more. I’ve found that client participation is part of the pleasure and the reward in creating something so personal.

As artists, we’ll change the way you look at things
Your space, and literally your point of view.
Let’s start in Paris, with this view  in a girl’s  bedroom…

Paris mural by Arteriors

Mural of Paris, by co-owners Stephanie & Amiel Mesner of Arteriors

Commercial spaces benefit!
Waiting for the doctor? Another way to travel, in medical office mural by Jesse Demolli
Mural by Jesse Demolli

Sometimes it’s just for fun

Debra Disman created this Garden Mural, (residential exterior) in her studio  on three boards, in high quality acrylic mural paint, and  varnished in acrylic. Then, she mounted it on her client’s patio fence. Marina District, SF, CA
As with most murals, this enlivens an otherwise boring surface.
The client requested very specific imagery, such as Chinese Garden Stools, Tiger, Pandas, Orchids, etc.

Exterior mural by Debra Disman of ArtiFactory

Debra Disman of Artifactory brightens a blank wall, outdoors!

Creating drama and focus

This fantastic fireplace feature from Arteriors!

Arteriors fireplace mural

Sophisticated and dramatic, fine art from Arteriors co-owners Stephanie and Amiel Mesner

Whimsical Fantasy

I painted this dreamlike panel with a flying unicorn on a birch plywood panel 4’x4′. I created the painting in this size and material at the request of my client, a storyteller, who used it as a prop in her presentations.
Flying unicorn by Barbara Jacobs

Combining finishes and art work
More down-to-earth, I created this frieze around the client’s foyer. First, the wall finish—a metallic plaster—then, the painted frieze.
Frieze over wall finish

For a non-profit organization

Debra Disman of Artifactory Studio created this Donor Tree Mural on canvas in her studio. She used acrylic mural paint, then varnished with protective acrylic for interior use, in the nonprofit organization “Planning for Elders in the Central City, IE PECC), then hung in the  PECC office.
Donor Tree Mural by Debra Disman

Historic and contemporary

From the earliest cave-paintings to contemporary graffiti, murals have history. Even some contemporary artists still use Renaissance Fresco techniques. This is a really extraordinary process that involves skill, patience, and a sense of timing and color use. The great thing is that there are still people teaching this art form!


In a mural there can be something for everyone, with so many individual different styles of artistry, expression, and interpretation. Murals can have a very wide price range as well. But, the idea is that they will give many years of enjoyment.

A recent conversation
To me, the client involvement is key to the success of the project. It requires good listening, and adaptability. One of my most memorable mural-painting experiences was actually something I was told last Spring in a conversation with the client. They had asked their 17-year old son what color he wanted to have in the bathroom where I’d painted a small mural over 10 years ago. His answer:  Don’t Paint Over It!

Beach scene with seagull

Sandbox and turtle on the left wall; piping plovers on the sand, and the watchful seagull. I stood in the bathtub to take this picture.

In the kitchen…
Don’t be bored while you cook. Look out from your villa window, over a Tuscan landscape…I took the tower motif from a wine bottle the client’s had brought back from their Italian honeymoon.

Tuscan landscape view

Painted on the wall behind the stove, protected with acrylic urethane.

Do try this at home
Do you want to try creating your own mural? For an informal DIY project – use Ben Moore or other type of Chalkboard paint. If you have kids, share some quality time with them. Try the largest size chalk available and have some fun.

Stay tuned for future Mural posts.

3 Responses to “Mural, Mural on the wall…”

  1. debrta disman

    Fabulous Barbara! And what a treat to see your charming work as well.
    Thank you for including me. I look forward to further posts!

  2. diane

    I have always thought murals had a spot in some homes, as long as they re not overdone. I recently had a mural painted on the walls of a clients laundry room depicting the view from her Baja vacation home. Certainly makes laundry day a bit more enjoyable.


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