National Painting Week

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Did you know it’s National Painting Week? 

That’s the story, right from Sherwin Williams Paints.

It’s a great idea, and on their site they offer a number of useful tips that you will find both accessible and easy to do. Perfect for busy people who want to make a big change.

The simple tips they offer are so practical that it’s a great reminder of how easy it is to make a big change with paint.

Among the tips they have put together in a short video:

  • Changing cabinet hardware for a  new look
  • Update light fixtures
  • Painting an easy, creative decorating project like picture frames, a tabletop, or a small piece of furniture
  • Painting an accent wall or ceiling
  • Landscaping suggestions
  • Taking care of exteriors

It’s true that Spring can be just the beginning of an intensive home-decorating and fixup season. Don’t be overwhelmed! Contact me with your request for help on a project of any size. In addition to basic consultation services, our new DesignerColorPalettes  service offers a variety of ways I can help with “virtual painting” of interior colors, and also larger painting projects such as your home’s exterior. Read some comments at our Client Testimonials page.



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  1. Nancy

    Barb, Really enjoyed the post on using deep shades in the home!
    Great to see your Eco Hues palette put to such good use, I really appreciate the deep gray on the cabinetry, just gorgeous. As a color pro I like to employ contrast of value in my clients home to create light in our some what gray and dreary Pacific NW environs. The deep mid to deep values are invaluable for this as well as acentuating architectural detail or enhancing an otherwise neutral color palette.
    Great post, I always enjoy your writing, thanks again, Nancy


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