EcoHues™ Full Spectrum Paints

EcoHues™ Full Spectrum Paints

Essential Color for Creating Balance in your Vibrant Life

What’s the Difference?  Beyond the trends, it’s an artist’s eye for color!
There’s More Real Color in every can of EcoHuesFull Spectrum Paint.

Curated Colors you have been Craving!
My easy to navigate, edited color palette provides you with the scaled-down selection of colors you have been seeking.

EcoHues Full Spectrum Colors help end the confusion you experience when you have to select your best colors from literally thousands of paint colors. Since EcoHues colors are truly full spectrum, you have the best of both worlds: a curated, edited palette of colors that beautifully connect with each other to provide extraordinary results in your home or workplace.

Get the right angle
While we’re talking about looking at color, be sure to view any color cards at the angle they’ll be used. We’re so used to viewing most things as if they are on a horizontal surface. With paint, it’s critical to hold the color sample at the right angle. Walls? Ceilings? Floor? See it in the right light.

NOW: all 32 colors together on one painted color chart
Balancing warm and cool
Combining soft and saturated

All 32 EcoHues colors on one hand painted color chart.

Thanks to your requests, I’ve just added 8 NEW COLORS!  As always, photographed colors may not be accurate so please order actual paint samples to see the real color in your own home or workplace.

  • All the colors of this unique, curated palette of EcoHues Full Spectrum colors are related to each other.
  • Created by Barbara Jacobs, a Boston-area color consultant and artist—with an artist’s eye for color—each of the paint colors was originally hand mixed in her (my!) studio. Inspired by the luminosity and depth of artist’s pigments, I have created each color with consideration of the palette as a integrated whole.
  • I mixed each color with a completely unique, original formula that connects it to all the other colors.
  • Full Spectrum, Integral Color, it’s all Essential Color. Trend-aware, not trend-driven. My philosophy of “Supportive Color Design” is at the core of this palette.
  • I’ve designed the entire color palette was designed with you in mind, making it so easy for you to coordinate your decor with color.

Forget those tiny little printed color chips that are so deceptive when it comes to planning color for an entire room, or even for one wall. Order my larger hand painted EcoHues Full Spectrum color samples prepared for you  in two ways: either on card stock, or on the original “Small Wall” surfaces. These unique color-testing boards are not foam core or cardboard, but a specially prepared surface that’s perfect to paint on. In addition, they have a re-positionable adhesive strip so you and your family can enjoy seeing how the colors look on any wall in the house.  Each color you order in this surface comes with a smaller piece to take shopping. Get the details here.

Ready to order samples or paint, or have other questions?
Most paint companies offer their colors in printed paper. Ink is not real paint. What’s the difference here?  The color cards I make for you are all prepared with the actual paint we use, applied with a roller—not a brush.  It’s the closest you can get to a real  sample of your painted wall.

  • All EcoHues color cards are actually hand painted paint samples, using real paint, not printed!
  • We make the painted color cards in a few sizes for your convenience:  3″x4″, 8″x10,” 9″x12.”
  • You can also special-order a much larger color card that you can use to see a good size wall section. It’s a great way to preview your new colors.
  • We do it for you! No more running out to purchase those little jars of paint, then using a brush to apply them.
  • We use a roller to apply the paint, not a brush. This method gives you a more lifelike appearance of what the colors will really look like on your walls.

1. Ordering Color Cards
Order your hand painted color cards in the size you need, from Barbara Jacobs
— then

2. Ordering Paint, paying for your order, and picking up your paint.

  • Call 877-877-7628 to order the paint you need (as much as you need of any type) from Ellen Kennon Full Spectrum Paints
  • In the paint industry, prices are subject to change so be sure to confirm pricing with Ellen when you call her to order.
  • Pick up your mixed colors from the Glidden PROFESSIONAL paint store that is closest or most convenient, and pick it up.
  • NOTE: THIS IS NOT a Home Depot product.
  • If you’re not sure which location to use, ask Ellen for her suggestion. There are hundreds of stores nationwide.

Ellen faxes our special paint recipe to the store that you’ve requested for pickup, and they mix it there. In some areas, depending on quantities, they can deliver. This is the procedure for all orders, even repeat or duplicates. You can’t get the paint by calling the store to order, you just get it through Ellen Kennon.

See the basic prices and instructions for payment.

Please use this convenient form for your inquiry, and indicate if you prefer sending a check or using paypal.

Designer, architect, “DIY?”
Decorating and creating beautiful spaces is more Fun with Full Spectrum Colors!You have fabric, rugs, tiles…whatever your materials are that you want to use.

  • Because each of our Full Spectrum paints has so many colors in it, they all basically contain some element of each other.
  • Thus, many more colors complement each other, as well as many more “other materials.”

One designer I’ve worked with says that she loves going to the home of our mutual client where I specified Full Spectrum colors because it’s so beautifully “atmospheric.”
Architects and Designers, inquire about  a complete 24-color set that includes  3″x4″ or  8″x10″ of each color.

If you want to see what your space will look like with our variety of colors, check out my Designer Color Palettes service.

What is the actual paint?
For information about the award-winning NO-ODOR, NO-VOC, Washable product EcoHues paints are mixed in, see these pages. This is the same high quality, professional product used for Ellen Kennon Full Spectrum Paints.
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Be sure you get the right products!
We put a lot of time and effort into developing our EcoHues Full Spectrum colors to be just what we want them to be. This is how we protect our colors—and your order—from unauthorized replication and incorrect mixing. This is how you can be certain you are using authentic EcoHues Full Spectrum Paints, as well as  Ellen Kennon Full Spectrum Paints.

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