Patterns and Colors in Diverse Places and Spaces

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There’s nothing like being in a different location for a while to stimulate a fresh view of colors and patterns.

From the wonderful LACMA museum in Los Angeles to the tiny Japanese variety store, with a home decorating furniture store in the middle of it all, I’m inspired to share a few images for your enjoyment.

I always enjoy connecting patterns and textures. One example:

Los Angeles - LACMA courtyard

Lines, shadows, and textures combine to make interesting patterns


Columns and Trees

Interesting to look at this for repetition of line and texture, in verticals both organic and built.


Then, for something really different, a quick visit to ZGallerie to see what’s up in L.A. decor! (or some of it, anyway)

Bling-y neutrals

You're not in New England anymore, Toto!


Detecting a theme

Do I detect a theme? Never mind, I love the darks with...Kiwi? Lime? Other name for this green?


Summer Turquoise

Summer turquoise is still happening

Check out the colors above with the colors of the items in the Japanese variety store, below!
See anything similar?

Bins of tiny objects

Colors and visual texture remind me of an impressionist painting.



Pens and pencils

These really made me smile. A color palette resource!


Soft colors for lunchboxes

The pattern of pastel colored lunchboxes combines with black-and-white graphic lettering

More pens and pencils

Love the patterns and colors! Can you guess which ones I bought to use?

The Question
What are the paint colors that these images inspire you to use? Single or as combinations, it’s all fair game and I am interested in YOUR favorites!

3 Responses to “Patterns and Colors in Diverse Places and Spaces”

  1. debra disman

    I would be intrigued to know which colors you chose, Barbara…I do see the turquoise them!

  2. debra disman

    …meant theme! As for myself…I like the gray, green, AND turquoise! Really depends on the context.

  3. diane

    Great post…check out our site and you will see that color is our middle name!


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