Residential – Exterior and Interior Color


It’s a well known fact that using color and paint is the most cost-effective way to make the greatest change in your home without investing in new furnishings. This includes using our fine decorative finishes to add artistry to your home for a one-of-a kind environment.

Outside to Inside, all our installations are equally important
Regardless of the size of your project we will give our detailed and personal attention to creating the right result for you.

Contact Barbara for help with your residential or commercial project.

Create a new look and change the feeling of an interior with paint, beautiful paint!
Often, a beautiful paint job is just what is needed to set off the architecture and furnishings of a home. Solid colors in these areas define the space and add warmth and distinction.I hope you enjoy this brief tour of a client’s  Arts & Crafts home .Color Selection Tip: select colors, or variations of colors, from your favorite objects.

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