Ready to photograph? Try these professional tips.

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Any chance that I have to offer information from other design professionals is a great opportunity to share material that is beyond—and usually very different from—my own experience.

The subject of photography is one that I personally enjoy, and appreciate.  So, I am grateful for the permission from Boston-area photographer Lynne Damianos, of Damianos Photography, to be able to offer her selection of tips for getting ready to photograph an interior.

Interior Residential Photography Prep List

Architectural/interior photography is a careful balance of anticipating  potential challenges, and adapting—before they happen.  Damianos Photography educates clients and property owners about how to prepare for photography to maximize their time on location. In this article, Lynne concentrates on interior residential photography.

The checklist below is a great tool to use when planning your next photographic project so your photographer can spend more time photographing and less time staging and cleaning.

Private residence photo by Lynne Damianos. Kitchen design by David L. King Architects, Inc.

Photo by Lynne Damianos. Kitchen by David L. King Architects, Inc.

Interior Residential Photography Prep List

  • Try to schedule photography the day after house cleaning occurs
  • Walk through rooms to determine which to photograph and from which angle
  • Turn on all lights and replace burned out bulbs
  • Straighten artwork on walls
  • Position all window shades and Venetian blinds to match
  • Straighten drapes
  • Remove excess knickknacks and family photographs (optional)
  • Straighten furniture
  • Hide light fixture cords
  • Align furniture cushions and straighten pillows
  • Straighten fringe on rugs
  • Set place settings in dining room/kitchen
  • Remove unwanted objects seen through windows (garbage cans, grill, shovels)
  • Add light-colored logs to fireplace

Thank you, Lynne!

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  1. debra disman

    Wow- i just got an invite to a seminar with IFDA on how to photograph, and Lori Sawayajust mentioned the challenge in a recent FB post…must be ion the air.
    Thanks for the tips, BJ!


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